Days of the Defenders: great partnerships come with great learning opportunities.

Thibault De Witte and Seppe Daems

Last week, several Xylos colleagues attended the exclusive Microsoft Partner Network event at the Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol, in the Netherlands: Days of the Defenders. It consisted of two streams. The second was designed to better understand how to impeccably handle common scenarios with Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft 365 Defender workloads, among other things.

An ideal upskilling opportunity for some of our younger IT (security) consultants. So, they grabbed it and had a good time.

A unique learning experience

Microsoft 365 IT security consultants,  Thibault Dewitte and Seppe Daems testify: “We were excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this. The event was really well organized: the schedule, the location (and also the catering ;)) were  excellent. It was great to be able to get in touch and exchange with various Microsoft employees.”

The first day covered all Defender products: Defender for Endpoint, Office 365, Identity & Cloud Apps. The second day there was training on Intune and Microsoft Sentinel. “It was encouraging for myself to find out the many things I was already aware of, while really also absorbing a lot of new information. It has allowed me to get even more up to speed. I am sure I will be applying several lessons learned on the appropriate customer assignments with Xylos,” says Thibault Dewitte.

Seppe Daems confirms: “I learned a lot during those first two days. It was very open for interaction, resulting in good questions from participants, throughout the day. Simply, a very instructive experience.”

Besides the information from the training itself, a lot of interesting insights were shared by participants from other companies, too. These practical insights are an ideal way to anchor important points.

Upskilling through gamification

The final day of the Days of The Defenders constituted the perfect dessert to digest the learnings. Thibault and Seppe were more than satisfied with it:
“The final day was dedicated to the ‘Into the Breach’ game. This was a gamified experience to apply the information we gained. The game was very challenging – not easy to make it all the way through the end. But either way, it was perfect to gain experience with Defender, Intune and Sentinel.

We’re really grateful for the insistence at Xylos and Microsoft on upskilling. It has been a unique opportunity. Hopefully, more of these are to follow soon!

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