Desktop as a Service with Windows 365

Michiel Raman

If people in your organization have faced difficulties staying connected with colleagues over the past period, your organization is not alone. Let’s face it: working together productively is difficult. With people working from home, from diverse office spaces, and anywhere in between, the challenge has only grown bigger. And what’s too often overlooked are the additional challenges for your IT team. More than ever, new employees need to be onboarded from a distance. That means specialized workloads need to be enabled for them.

Well… Windows 365 to the rescue!

What is Windows 365?

Windows 365 is a cloud-based service that automatically creates a new type of Windows virtual machine (a Cloud PC) for your end users. Each Cloud PC is assigned to an individual user and becomes their dedicated Windows device with a full Windows experience. Your users will be delivered their personalized content, settings, and applications, natively integrating Azure AD, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 applications, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Cost and scalability

The Windows 365 Cloud PC is versatile and meets numerous workforce scenario needs. It can be accessed from almost any device, with your choice of Windows 10, or Windows 11. Some users require heavy computing, with the need for specialized workloads like design and development work. Windows 365 enables you to easily resize the machines for each specific workload.

All these configuration options are available with predictable per-use per-month pricing, so you always know how many machines you are going to end up with, and how much they will cost you at the end of the month.

Finally, and rather importantly, Windows 365 is secure by design. Windows 365 secures and stores information in the cloud, not on the device, providing a secure, productive experience for users. Your IT team can leverage this complete service to deliver a secure hybrid personal computing experience to users, while leveraging the benefits of simplified procurement, management, and ease to scale.

To summarize:

What Windows 365 means for your employees:

  • Personalized Windows experience with all their applications, contents and settings – from the Microsoft Cloud, from any device.
  • A machine that’s instantly booted, always ready, always updated and reachable from wherever they need to work
  • A simple and versatile Windows experience that can be picked up where they left off because the state of their cloud PC remains the same.

What Windows 365 means for your IT team:

  • Simple deployment, management and updating because it is fully integrated with Azure AD, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Many configuration options to easily scale to meet the employees’ needs
  • Easy to purchase extra machines – with a predictable per-user per-month pricing, and ongoing management is easy from the web portal accessible through
  • Secure machines that are always up-to-date and building on the strength of rich Microsoft security capabilities and baselines.

In our next Windows 365 blog article:

We will take a technical deep-dive by installing and configuring Windows 365.

Are you interested in trying Windows 365? Contact us directly, or discover some of our services first: from cloud practice, to digital adoption and Workplace as a Service.

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