How to deploy Windows 11 with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft recently released Windows 11. Can’t wait to try out the new Modern UI and discover other improvements of Windows 11? Or are you one step ahead and already quivering to deploy Windows 11 within your organization?
Here is a small overview of the first steps you need to take to get Windows 11 running in your organization with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Step 1: validate hardware compatibility

Before we can get started with deploying Windows 11, we need to validate hardware compatibility. Fortunately, Endpoint Analytics has a report just for that in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. For more information on endpoint analytics and how to enable this, we suggest this article:
What is Endpoint analytics? – Microsoft Endpoint Manager | Microsoft Docs.

Ok, so about that report in the Endpoint Manager admin: you can find it under Home > Reports > Endpoint analytics > Work from Anywhere.
To get a quick overview of how many devices are ready and what are your top blockers, click on Windows from the Overview tab. To get a detailed view of your device with the Windows 11 readiness information, go to the Windows Tab.

Step 2: set up a pilot

Now that we have verified which devices are eligible for Windows 11, we can start with a pilot group that consists of the early adopters within your organization.
To enable Windows 11 through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we need to create a Feature Update profile. Go to Home > Devices > Feature updates for Windows 10 and later (Preview) and click on “Create profile”. Provide a name for the profile and select Windows 11 as Feature update to deploy. Click on Next. Assign the profile to your win11 pilot group and Save.

Windows 11 will now be deployed to your pilot group, trough WUfB. Congratulations!


Want some help?

Interested in learning how to accelerate your move to Microsoft 11? Xylos would love to help. And we can!
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