Xylos is going to ACM LEAP

LEAP is Microsoft’s annual program that supports partners, like Xylos, in building solutions and services – both technology and business focused. For the first time worldwide, there will be a LEAP ACM event for partners that offer services in Adoption and Change Management. So guess what? We’re invited. We will actually be the only Belgian Microsoft partner there. No worries. The low countries will be adequately represented, as we’re joining a delegation of fifteen partners from the Netherlands on this trip. Fun assured!

Hey Xylos, why are you so excited for this event?

For one, because LEAP ACM is held at the Microsoft Headquarter Campus in Redmond. That means: a great opportunity for us to speak with the Corp employees of Microsoft. Our presence will allow us to have our finger on the pulse. In other words, we’ll be in touch with the very latest Microsoft developments and immediately up to speed with Adoption and Change Management approaches that the future will require.


What’s the program?

The ACM event consists of a number of keynotes and a selection of presentations by Microsoft Corp employees. There will also be discussion and question sessions. The spotlighted topics at the event, generally revolve around five major themes: Viva, Security, Front Line Workers, Modern Workplace and Teams.

Can I submit any questions for the event?

Yes! Simply fill out the form below (in your language of choice). Mathias (Partner Business Development Manager – OASE) or Tom (Team Lead – Learning Digital division) will happily translate it at the event and come back to you with answers.

Mathias Croket
Tom Ysewyn

Drop your question(s) here.

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