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Kimberley Vanstiphout

What does a Monday at Xylos look like? Often, atypical.  That’s the least we can say about Monday, March 28 2022. We had the pleasure of receiving none other than Alexander De Croo at our headquarters in Antwerp. We were given the opportunity to present our innovative activities and our atypical way of working.

We wanted our Prime Minister to get a feel for how we approach the future of collaboration, sustainability and the metaverse. Wondering if we accomplished this objective? Scroll down and find out.

The warm and atypical welcome

In the coziest corner of our office, CEO Patrick Leysen kicks off with a short introduction about Xylos and the range of services we deliver to support and enhance businesses and the people working in it.

The modern workplace is key in our new reality, where we are redefining the way we interact with the world. Soon enough, the integration of AR and VR in the work environment might become essential to live up to your employees’ potential. Are you ready to transform into a next-gen workplace?

At Xylos, we always like to point out the importance of centralizing data in a hybrid cloud infrastructure and how we can help you easily transition to a new way of working. We take special care of employees in every service we offer. That is why we have an entire department focused on digital adoption and learning. Our digital adoption team members dedicate themselves entirely to helping people embrace new technologies. They do so with strategic advice and hands-on training and coaching.

We understand that the (digital) world is always evolving and to keep your balance you must keep moving (A. Einstein). We see the adoption of new technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, as a great added value in all our services we offer.

Visit our Extended Reality page to discover more.

Let’s get Alexander De Croo into the metaverse.

Explaining our vision for the workplace in the metaverse is one thing, but actions speak louder than words. We get that. Time to treat Alexander De Croo to an augmented experience where innovation meets sustainability (and a touch of humor, of course):

For our demo, we selected a wind turbine from Seamade Belgium. Using smart data, you can see all the relevant specifications of the real wind turbine, 127 km away. Thanks to the Hololens 2 you can interact with this data so that you can always access your information at the right time and, more importantly, at the right place.

Intelligent data

Intelligent data is a section of Xylos’ augmented offering. We offer support to businesses, using Remote Assist. Here you always have an expert at hand, no matter where that person is. With one click (in the augmented space) you are immediately connected with your expert, and you are able to interact with the environment. That’s how you achieve your goal efficiently and effectively.

Creating real training situations with VR

We even go a step further. Interactive, clear user manuals or step-by-step learning modules can quickly get your employees up to speed and ensure that they can handle any task, independently. For our advanced augmented solutions, we work with the HoloLens 2 in combination with Microsoft Dynamics applications.

Our learning department researched how to use VR training and simulate dangerous situations to achieve higher learning goals. We also investigated how emotion can play a large part in the learning process when, for example, learning to deal with customer conflicts.

We design our immersive VR experiences for you to seamlessly integrate with your headset of choice, such as the Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico G2 4K Enterprise, … By using advanced AR and VR, boundaries are removed, and the possibilities become unlimited. We love to help you find the right solution for every challenge.

And of course, we topped it off… Xylos style

After this metaverse experience, it is time to put the quote “work hard, play hard” into action. Something we at Xylos are more than willing to do, of course.

Did we spark your curiosity?

We can help you get your business ready for the metaverse. In close cooperation we investigate which innovative solution is the natural choice for your company. Be sure to check out our page on AR and VR.

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