What is your ideal Cloud mix?

Baking your favorite pastry requires you to follow a specific recipe; this recipe contains a masterful set of well-balanced ingredients.
Building a hybrid cloud also requires this same well-balanced mix of ingredients. Now, how can we achieve this balance?

Finding the right cloud balance

Combining both private cloud and public cloud services provides us with our perfect baking mix: hybrid cloud. But when do you choose which type of cloud and to what extent ?

Private cloud

If you need a good match for any workload (servers, applications, services, data) that is subject to one of – but not limited to – the following requirements:

  • Regulatory requirements (data governance)
  • Low latency requirements (high-speed networking)

…then private cloud might be the way to go.

Public cloud

However, since not all workloads are subject to those requirements, public cloud can provide a vast alternative for any other workload. So, what are the public cloud’s advantages? Essentially, it comes down to the fact that it will allow you to:

  • speed up application development & innovation;
  • and scale up, down, in and out on demand.

Cloud providers

Now we have covered the basics of when to choose what type of cloud, let’s have a look at cloud providers. There are a variety of them.

Xylos has two strategic partnerships when it comes to cloud. HPE is our private cloud provider and Microsoft provides us with public cloud services.
If you ask us, this is the key to delivering a consistent experience across our hybrid cloud platform.

Thanks to investments made to Azure Stack, Azure Stack HCI & Azure Arc, we can take care of our hybrid cloud environments with an Infrastructure as code approach. You’ll be able to read more about our care for the cloud soon. 😉

But, let’s talk about you!

Are you on the fence about migrating to a cloud? Or reaching out for assistance on your cloud journey and haven’t quite found it yet?

Well, we are here to help you on all levels. Get in touch!

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