What we mean when we talk about #DigitalFitness

If you are familiar with Xylos, you have probably noticed we regularly talk about digital fitness, lately. A bit atypical for an IT company, you say? Granted, for most people the term ‘fitness’ evokes the image of people in t-shirt, shorts and sneakers trying to become the best version of themselves, whilst lifting weights or working fancy fitness gear.

Hold that thought.

The gym analogy is more accurate than you might suspect.

Here is how we look at it:
People form organizations and corporations. Their performances define the success of the business. Your employees are your athletes.

Technology is a means to facilitate and boost those performances. Whether it be workplace technology that people use directly, data technology to optimize outputs, hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables all the flexibility, or any other technology. Your technology is your fitness gear.

Your employees are your athletes
Your technology is your fitness gear

Digital fitness also comes with a strategy.

Of course, when you speak of technology in today’s workplace, you need to have a strategy. In other words, depending on what disciplines your athletes are competing in, you have to choose the right fitness gear (technology), set it up correctly and govern your gym area, so it doesn’t become an unmanageable mess.

Security is a baseline requirement.

Whatever gear you put in place, security needs to be incorporated in your strategy and followed up closely and proactively, every day. If your fitness gear isn’t chosen or set up appropriately, or your athletes simply don’t use it correctly or carefully, it will lead to serious injury for them and the organization. Probably your motivated athletes have some fitness gear of their own at home. How will you secure that reality? One of many relevant digital fitness questions…

The Xylos promise: keeping people and organizations digitally fit and secure.

What we do, at Xylos, is basically help you master the entire metaphor described in the paragraphs above: through IT projects, IT managed services and IT staffing. The modern workplace requires a holistic approach but also solid expertise for every cornerstone.

That’s why, beyond IT and strategic expertise, Xylos has always had the unique trademark of being a renowned digital adoption specialist. Our 360° approach includes training, digital coaching, as well as digital learning platforms and products, like OASE, Escape Room app and InviQta – our latest end user cybersecurity awareness solution. So, to complete the image we’ve sketched so far, you may picture one of our muscular trainers and coaches that your employees can count on.

Let us know what we can help you with.

In a nutshell, that’s what we mean when we talk about digital fitness. Stay in touch with us here and on LinkedIn, as we will continue to clarify what we have to offer. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to simply contact us.

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