Xylos calls on IT talent to take on the O365 Challenge

People that know Xylos, will not be surprised to read that we profoundly believe in the virtues of a truly modern workplace. Organizations and professionals that have worked with us know that Microsoft and Office 365 are fundamental in our approach. It comes as no surprise to anyone that throughout the corona pandemic, we have helped countless organizations make their necessary digital shift to Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. We have reinforced their digital workplace with many of the other Office 365 tools and even by building better work processes with Microsoft Power Platform products like Power Apps.

The success comes down to the passion, drive and the talent of our O365 consultants. We are convinced that IT consultants with in-depth knowledge of the Office 365 package hold the keys to providing organizations with the oh-so-coveted flexibility and productivity. By organizing another edition of our O365 challenge on EDITx, we want to boost talented IT professionals, and IT students alike, to manifest their talent and knowledge. 

How does the O365 Challenge by Xylos work?

The first round of the contest is low-key, in the sense that it takes only 10 minutes. As a participant, you get 15 questions about O365 to work on. In terms of the difficulty, there are 10 medium level and 5 expert level questions. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? 🙂 Of course, these questions have been selected by clever experts of the Xylos Collaboration-team, who know exactly what skills the market is yearning for.

Do you qualify for the finals that take place in 2022? Then you get the chance to – besides adding a really nice item on your CV – win some very attractive prizes. There is a list of prizes for IT students and IT professionals. That way, we unburden students from having to compete against accomplished professionals. More of the details can be found on our EDITx contest page.

Moving forward: the importance of Office 365 expertise

The collaboration specialists at Xylos all agree about one thing, whether they are part of our outsourced IT staff, project consultants or service desk engineers: the importance of digital workplace tools for organizations is becoming more evident every day, and it will only increase in the year to come – pandemic or no pandemic. The possibilities of Office 365 are quasi limitless, and the O365 stack is a living organism. Therefore, efforts that maintain and spark new levels of expertise – like the O365 Challenge – are important for us. They help continually realize our promise of keeping people and organizations digitally fit.

Do you know anyone that you think should take on the challenge? Don’t hesitate to spread the word!

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