Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

At the heart of effective disaster recovery (DR) not only lies diligent foresight but also strategic execution, and unwavering assistance in times of crisis. As a foremost provider of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), our method is refined to ensure your business can seamlessly bounce back after any hiccups. Let us navigate you safely back to operation in four steps, just as a partner should.

Business Impact Analysis

In the first place we do an in-depth Business Impact Analysis (BIA). We scrutinize the potential implications of interruptions to your vital services, spotlighting the areas most essential to continuity. This exploration allows us to grasp the true continuity needs of your enterprise, assuring a personalized DR strategy fitting your specific needs and risk profile.

Tailored Disaster Recovery Platform

We believe in the value of understanding your business’ unique needs and objectives. With this knowledge, we can provide a bespoke DRaaS platform, whether that necessitates an on-premises solution or one that leverages our dedicated Xylos data center. Our team is devoted to offering DRaaS solutions tailored to your operational requirements, from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operational expenditure (OPEX).

To respect the worth of your time and resources, we prioritize efficient ‘initial replication’ speeds and timelines, catering to your VMware DRaaS needs. Our established blueprints, intended to sidestep typical setbacks and licensing intricacies, make this a reality.

Our ambition extends beyond reinstating the status quo post-crisis. We also aim to ensure the recovery process is swift, reliable, and smooth. Traverse any IT turbulence confidently, knowing our robust team is there for your support.

Disaster recovery Planning and Preparation

A robust plan is key to business resilience. That’s why we also devise a comprehensive DR policy for your organization, incorporating scenario-specific plans. This extensive planning offers you an effective strategy to tackle various IT calamities.

In line with our belief in the value of regular testing of DR plans, we conduct consistent tests. This practice provides insights into their practical efficiency and permits us to make necessary adjustments, ensuring your DR procedures will operate impeccably when required.

Disaster Recovery

When calamity hits, you need more than a plan – you require action. We provide real-time resources and guidance for efficient DR management. Our highly skilled infrastructure engineers, available round-the-clock, stand ready to support you in rapid recovery and execution.

We understand the significance of backup and DR and execute a strategic plan before, during, and after system recovery. We assure your data is always safeguarded, even during DR operations, keeping your business continuity IT needs at the forefront.

Place your trust in Xylos for a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient DR approach. Our proficiency in managing DRaaS solutions, coupled with our emphasis on personalized client service, positions us as unique in the field of disaster recovery. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist your business continuity requirements. Together, we can cultivate a future where your business thrives, even in adversity.


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