Securing your business operations against unforeseen adversities is paramount. With our proficient disaster recovery consultancy services, we enable you to develop a resilient plan. This plan, underpinned by an in-depth appreciation of your application landscape and the integral Restore Time Objectives (RTO) and Restore Point Objectives (RPO), helps navigate business disruptions effectively.

Understanding Your Application Landscape

The application landscape serves as your business’s spinal cord. Gaining insights into its functioning is rather crucial for formulating an adept disaster recovery strategy. This understanding also aids us in evaluating potential disruptions to your IT systems and services, allowing for the alignment of your business continuity IT requisites with your RTO and RPO.

RTO and RPO are guiding metrics that shape your disaster recovery strategy. They actively restore business processes within a targeted timeframe (as defined by the RTO) to prevent unacceptable consequences. Simultaneously, the RPO sets the maximum duration for tolerating data loss due to a significant incident.

RTO/RPO Impact Analyses

At Xylos, we adopt an exhaustive, precise approach to disaster recovery, embodying the belief in conducting thorough RTO/RPO impact analyses for each workload or application group. This enables us to tailor your DR plan to match your unique requisites and risk tolerance levels.

Such analyses empower us to identify critical vulnerabilities, craft effective countermeasures, and also ensure your disaster recovery management plan’s resilience and comprehensiveness. Our mission is to minimize downtime and data loss, thus enhancing your business continuity in challenging times.

Your Trusted Disaster Recovery Consultancy

As a distinguished DRaaS provider, Xylos offers adept guidance in disaster recovery planning. Whether you’re at the inception stage of considering your disaster recovery needs or seeking to refine your existing DR plan, our consultancy services are designed to equip you with concrete, implementable strategies for efficient disaster recovery management. Our services encompass backup and disaster recovery strategies, custom-made DR platforms, and ongoing support.

Understanding the intricacies of disaster recovery as a service can be daunting, but with us, you’re not alone. We walk alongside you, ensuring your business is well-prepared, resilient, and ready to overcome any IT challenge. Connect with us today to discover more about our proficient disaster recovery consultancy services.

We are more than just a service provider, we are your partners in sustainable growth, with a deep commitment to inclusivity, environmental responsibility, and cultivating enduring partnerships. Together, we can foster resilience and create a lasting impact.


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