When dealing with an IT disaster, a well-strategized and rigorously tested disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between maintaining business continuity and experiencing costly downtime. We provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery planning and preparation services. These arm your business with the necessary tools, strategies, and procedures to effectively manage and recover from IT disruptions.

Policies, Procedures, and Technologies

Our services encompass more than just planning. We also equip you with a holistic suite of disaster recovery resources. This includes the formulation of relevant protocols, development of crucial procedures, and implementation of essential technologies for efficient disaster management.

We recognize that a resilient disaster recovery strategy is not solely about leveraging the right technology. It’s also about devising a system of processes and instructions that can be swiftly activated in the event of a disaster. We help you to design and implement protocols and procedures that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Strategic action plans

Our approach to disaster recovery planning integrates the concept of wave-based action plans. This strategy shapes recovery waves based on the importance of your business operations, enabling us to prioritize recovery efforts by focusing first on the most crucial applications and services. This approach is designed to help your business restore operational functionality as quickly as possible.

Constructing these wave-based action plans demands a deep understanding of your application ecosystem, dependencies, and business processes. Our experts carry out intricate analyses, design plans, and continually maintain and test them to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness.

Partner with Xylos for DR Planning and Preparation

As a premier DRaaS provider, Xylos offers more than just custom disaster recovery platform design, installation, and implementation. We also assist you with efficient disaster recovery planning and preparation. Our team’s expert proficiency in disaster recovery management ensures that your business is ready to tackle any IT disaster.

Regardless of the challenges you face, we help you uphold your business continuity. Contact us today to discover more about our Disaster Recovery planning and preparation services and how we can help fortify your business against IT disasters.

What is a disaster recovery plan?

A disaster recovery plan serves as an essential blueprint for re-establishing a business’s IT infrastructure in the event of unforeseen disruptions. It meticulously details the processes for resurrecting applications, data, and pivotal IT systems. Additionally, it sets forth policy directives, objectives, procedures, roles and an established schedule for periodic testing and updates.

So why is a disaster recovery plan necessary?

A disaster recovery plan facilitates a methodical response to unexpected adversities that jeopardize the IT infrastructure. Furthermore its ultimate goal is to attenuate downtime and avert data loss. As a fundamental element of any enterprise’s comprehensive risk management approach, an well-conceived disaster recovery plan bestows confidence, mitigates delay risks, validates the dependability of backup systems, and enhances a company’s standing in terms of security and reliability.

What disaster recovery plan should I use?

The choice of a disaster recovery plan hinges on the distinct needs of your business. You should also take into account aspects like your company’s scale, industry sector, the type of data, financial resources, and specific recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Enlisting the support of seasoned disaster recovery specialists is frequently beneficial. They can help you in crafting a bespoke disaster recovery plan that aligns with the needs of your enterprise.

When should I implement a disaster recovery plan?

The activation of a disaster recovery plan must be undertaken promptly to shield your organization from possible IT catastrophes. Once it’s operational, the plan necessitates periodic testing and updating to accommodate shifts in business activities, advancements in technology, and evolving threats. Put the plan into action immediately upon disaster identification to restrict downtime and prevent extensive data loss.


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