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Your job search as a Young Graduate from A to Z

Annelies Bertels

Are you about to graduate? If so, your head is probably buzzing with questions. Talent Acquisition Partner Annelies Bertels helps you get started with five questions and answers. 

3 best practices to keep your apps manageable in Power Apps

Ward Denotté

How do you keep your apps manageable and ensure they perform well in Power Apps? Our SharePoint Technology Consultant Ward sums up 3 best practices to get you started.

Optimising collaboration during the coronavirus outbreak

Kristof Maes

How do you let your colleagues work from home without compromising on collaboration and productivity now that the coronavirus has reached Europe? Let's talk about the advantages of Zoom Online Communications.

Five Commandments for your Microsoft Teams adoption

In this blog post, our Change Consultants will give you advice on how to introduce Teams efficiently with their Five Commandments.

How to use Kubernetes?

Elise Favere

Do you want to start working with Kubernetes? In his blog series, Cloud Consultant Christof Van Geendertaelen teaches you how to easily implement a complex Kubernetes application. 

CVE-2020-0601: Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI

Piet Carpentier

The NSA has found a critical flaw in Microsoft’s CryptoAPI (crypt32.dll), which leaves the system vulnerable to spoofing. How can possible attackers exploit this issue? Is your company at risk? What steps do you need to take? We’ll cover what you need to know in this blog post.

How to build an Office add-in

Jens Claessens

Have you ever used Office add-ins? These plug-in applications add handy features that help you use Office software more efficiently. At Xylos, we’ve built our own Office add-in for OASE. In this blog post, I’ll explain how we developed it.

The future of e-learning: 3 questions & answers

Thomas Lauwers

Are you interested in the latest Learning & Development trends? Our NEO colleague Thomas attended the VOV fair, Flanders’ most prominent L&D event. Read on to discover his most important take-aways.

Magali De Reu talks about Xylos Inspire 2019: when people and technology come together

Magali De Reu

The success of a modern business hinges on its employees. But how do you make sure your organisation’s staff evolves along with your technological developments? TEDx speaker and tech influencer Magali De Reu lists her 3 learnings. 

Learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI): 3 myths debunked

Elise Favere

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. It transforms the way we learn, what we learn and why we learn. Do you want to ride the AI train and create an intelligent learning environment for your end users?