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Working digitally during the COVID crisis: sore points and solutions

Janne Maes

COVID-19 has impacted us all on a personal as well as a professional level. Over the past months, many organisations have actively started working online and rolled out Teams. Unfortunately, efficiently transitioning into a digital workplace often proves to be a challenge, and some of the advantages offered by the newly implemented tools remain unused.

The hottest new features of Veeam v11

Davy Neirynck

Veeam Backup & Replication™ v11, the latest iteration of the industry-leading backup and recovery product, is right around the corner. Veeam already announced and showed off some of the exciting new features earlier this year at VeeamON. In this article, we want to take a look at many of the hottest unannounced features that we want to share with you.

Tips for managers during the migration to Microsoft 365

Janne Maes

Organisations are environments of constant growth. How can they continue to improve themselves and their market positions? In most cases, new technology such as Microsoft 365 is the answer to this question. But it’s not enough to just focus on the technical aspects of change; the human aspects are at least equally important. Fortunately, many managers keep this into account during a change process.

How should you as a manager properly start and direct such a change project? We’ll give you 10 tips to keep in mind when your organisation gets started with Microsoft 365. 

A user-friendly roadmap for a scheduled refresh of your Power BI reports

Frank Bastien

Searching for the easiest way to schedule a refresh for your Power BI reports, based on Excel or text file data? Look no further: use OneDrive or SharePoint Online.

How to avoid blind spots in your hybrid journey

Peter Hoffmann

Many organisations switch to the cloud with high expectations, only to realize that the transition turns out to be more complex than they expected. Without a solid strategy, their IT teams forge ahead blindly and soon lose track of the process. They recklessly try to implement a ‘lift-and-shift’ migration without a strategic, well-thought-out plan. As a result, they encounter unexpected obstacles and don’t achieve the desired results. 

Are you experiencing online meeting fatigue? Microsoft Teams to the rescue!

Kristof Maes

As we progress further into the new normal way of working, being in online meetings brings a whole new fatigue compared to the dynamics of physical meetings. Microsoft has picked up on this and has a solution to the problem!

Microsoft Inspire 2020

Rachel Young

Microsoft has completely reinvented its annual event for partners and transformed it to an online event for everyone to follow. Keep an eye on our social media for the summary blogs after the event. We’ll let you know what you can expect the coming year and how you can use the upcoming innovations to your advantage.  

The future role of the physical workspace

Kristof Maes

What will people still go to the office for? Will they only drop by for physical collaboration or mandatory face-to-face meetings? Let’s have a look at the different types of physical workspaces and their optimal equipment.

3 types of teleworkers: How to set up their new workspace

Kristof Maes

Discover the three types of teleworkers we’ve distinguished and read how you can organise online meetings that are adapted to their personal needs.  

Remote monitoring with LogicMonitor: 3 questions and answers

Davy Neirynck

Due to the coronacrisis, it’s now even more difficult to monitor all of your infrastructure components that make homeworking possible. Many of those rely on third-party, cloud based solutions and services that we don’t control. Discover how you can monitor each layer of your infrastructure, whether or not that infrastructure is centrally managed.