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Defragmenting disks in Windows Server 2012

Jan Goormans
Checking fragmentation and defragmenting disks is still a core task for system administrators.Everyone knows the defrag.exe utility, but it's old and you need to combine it with other tools, such as Sysinternal's psexec, to run it on a remote computer. Windows server 2012 and more specifically Powershell v3 provides this capability out-of-the-box.Start an elevated powershell session. The command t…

Microsoft SQL Server setup checklist

Jan Goormans

Microsoft SQL Server is the unsung hero of many IT-infrastructures. It sits around quietly, powering your most critical applications such as SharePoint, Microsoft’s System Center suite and VMware’s vCenter, CRM, etc. Running a performing SQL server starts with the second part: the server. Just like your house needs a solid foundation, your database system needs a solid server. I have spent a lot of time (re-) building SQL servers and below is a list of things which you should do every time you install a new MS SQL server.