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Cloud Security is… getting a grip on your data outside of your organisation

Johan Celis

The public cloud is used everywhere. In almost all businesses, employees share files through cloud services, teams use apps to keep track of lists and browser plugins regulate traffic to the world outside of the company. The downside is that the IT department can’t really manage this traffic. With these tips, we’ll help you keep your data under control – locally as well as in the cloud.

The top six GDPR challenges for businesses

Johan Celis

Do the letters ‘GDPR’ make you feel nervous? You’re not the only one. Still, there’s no way to get around it: starting on 25 May, the GDPR legislation will be enforced. This means that all businesses who process personal data from EU citizens have to be able to prove that they comply with the rules to protect their data as thoroughly as possible.

Being attacked by supervillain Peyta? Xylos to the rescue!

Johan Celis
Enter Peyta (aka Petya or Petrwrap), the new ransomware variant that is spreading. She has many similarities to Wannacry. They both use an NSA exploit known as EternalBlue that targets a SMB vulnerability (CVE-2017-0144), for which Microsoft released a patch in March. Unfortunately, Petya has a few more tricks up her sleeve. What makes Peyta more malicious? Cyber-criminals have learned from the …

WannaCry? We’ll get you smiling again

Johan Celis
On Friday 12 May, a new version of ransomware WannaCry hit many countries worldwide. And the attack is still not over. As long as we continue to unthinkingly open and left-click email files, this sort of problem will never go away. Anti-malware companies will grab the chance to promote their products. But, what lessons can we learn from this attack? What is ransomware? Ransomware is a form of …