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Rewriting URLs with KEMP LoadMaster

Earlier this month, I wrote an article on how you could use a KEMP LoadMaster to publish multiple workloads onto the internet using only a single IP address using a feature called content-switching. Based on the principle of content switching, KEMP LoadMasters also allow you to modify traffic while it’s flowing through the device. More specifically, this article will show you how you can rewrite…

Check administrative permissions in PowerShell

Check whether the user who is running the script has administrative credentials. If not, abort the script.

Get a list of installed applications using PowerShell

Using WMI (Win32_Product), this script will query a (remote) computer for all installed applications and output the results.

Install Windows on and boot from a VHD

A short guide on how to install your Windows OS on a VHD and boot from it.

Working with SIDs in PowerShell

Working with SIDs has never been so easy! Find out how easy it is to find a user or group based on a SID with only a few lines of PowerShell code.

Windows 8 Active Directory: New AD DS Deployment Cmdlets

A quick overview of the AD Deployment Cmdlets in Windows 8.

New PowerShell Cmdlets for Active Directory in Windows 8

A quick overview of the new Active Directory cmdlets in Windows 8

Exchange 2010: add a disclaimer to the OWA login page

Sometimes you might want to add an informational text or legal disclaimer to the OWA login page to inform or warn anyone who accesses the website. This article will explain and show how you can easily customize the login page and add a disclaimer.

Exchange 2010: add a disclaimer to the OWA login page

Exchange 2010: add a disclaimer to the OWA login page The Outlook Web App (OWA) login page can be modified, but only to a certain extend. Microsoft unfortunately does not (and cannot) support all customizations that you perhaps would like to make. The Technet websitecontains a usefull article that explains how

Windows 8: How to disable Metro UI

A short description on how to disable the Metro User Interface for a Windows 8.