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The Intranet is back on the map

Thomas Vochten

The efficiency of an organisation hinges on the way in which employees work together. But how do you encourage people to collaborate? Enter the Intranet.

The Microsoft MPV Summit: 5 questions & answers

Thomas Vochten

Whatever is shared in Redmond, stays in Redmond. The news that’s presented there is top secret. Thomas went to Redmond to make sure SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams are headed in the right direction.

Office 365’s hidden gem: Microsoft Delve

Thomas Vochten

Every day, countless files are sent out between you, your colleagues and your customers. These files are usually saved in your personal OneDrive or the company’s SharePoint – or they might just stay in your mailbox. But be warned: this influx of data could grow so quickly that it becomes nearly impossible to find the information you need in a reasonable time. Luckily, Office 365 can help you find your way in this tangled web of data. Ever heard of Delve?

On cloud nine because of the new way of working

Thomas Vochten

More and more companies are taking the leap to working in the cloud, as the headline of ICT community Belgium Cloud’s Cloud Barometer suggests: “Public Cloud prevails in Belgium”.

Is Microsoft Teams worth it?

Thomas Vochten

In October 2017, Microsoft introduced a new addition to its Office 365 suite: Microsoft Teams. The software’s purpose is simple: to facilitate collaboration by combining chat, meetings, notes and files. But is this collaboration tool actually finding its way into businesses, half a year after launch? We advise Skype for Business users to start using it now, because Teams will eventually replace Skype.

How do you manage external sharing in Office 365?

Thomas Vochten

E-mailing files back and forth, confusion about which version of a document is the correct one: before the cloud, collaborating with external parties could be difficult to manage. With the introduction of online services like SharePoint and OneDrive, these problems have vanished and exchanging files and information with others became easier than ever.

Customized work in the cloud? Two tips to get you started

Thomas Vochten

All companies are unique - and so are their IT infrastructures. Many companies who manage an on-premises data centre adapt their virtual servers to their specific needs and expectations. When the decision is made to move to the cloud, this may raise questions: how do we migrate our unique structure to the cloud as smoothly as possible?

On the road again

Thomas Vochten

Thomas Vochten, our technical evangelist and Microsoft MVP will be speaking at two interesting conferences in a few weeks: Techorama in our home town, Antwerp, and the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany. 

Inspire people through community

Thomas Vochten

We are privileged to have Thomas Vochten, Microsoft MVP on our team at Xylos. He received the MVP award for SharePoint for the fifth time this year. In this article, he takes us on the journey to how it all began. He gives us some tips to become a key expert in the field.The unexpected My career in technology started out different from what you might expect: how often does a special educator end …

Get up to speed with the latest tech trends at Techorama

Thomas Vochten
There aren’t many Microsoft-focused technology conferences in Belgium that have such an international appeal and authority as Techorama. Techorama sets the bar on many levels: great content, great speakers, and great experience. Traditionally, the focus of the conference was for developers. But this year they have branched out to IT and SharePoint professionals, which makes it even more interestin…