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The Consumerization of ICT

Tim Jacobs
Consumerization of ICT can no longer be ignored, and ICT departments worldwide are thinking on how to adequatly provide an answer to this trend. This post discusses what we think are two important aspects of consumerization of ICT, and remarks strategy for consumerization of ICT is very important in this discussion.

Static IP’s and DHCP in an isolated IPv6 environment

Tim Jacobs
Once you configure a DHCPv6 server for clients on your network and start assigning static IP's to your servers, you will quickly discover that even servers with a static IP, will start receiving IP's from the DHCP server: In this example, the IPv6 address ""fc00:b4d:c0d3::b"" was configured manually and on top of that, Windows decided to query the DHCPv6 server in order to receive the ""fc00:b4d:c…

"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" during Windows 7 installation from USB device

Tim Jacobs
An improper error description might set you on the wrong path when troubleshooting a Windows 7 installation error.

Legacy 16-bit Applications on 64-bit Operating Systems

Tim Jacobs
With more and more Windows 7 migrations occuring at our customers, we want to take the time to reflect on the impact of an important choice: whether or not to use the x64 architecture in Windows 7 or not. This has an immediate impact for legacy DOS applications, which we still encounter regularly at our customers.

Security context on mobile devices

Tim Jacobs
This post examines the security context for mobile devices. Often, the assumption is made that a mobile device can be secured through a complete lock down. We will argue that from and end-user perspective, more interesting starting points for security exist.