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The Xylos ABC’s

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Xylos has been awarded the title Great Place to Work for the second year in a row. At the annual Great Place to Work Awards on March 19th, we ended up in 4th place. But what makes Xylos a Great Place to Work? What makes our corporate culture special? Read our ABC’s to discover more.

1. Our employees are the key to our success

Xylos Employee

At Xylos, we want to inspire everyone who joins us in our adventure and guide them to success, whatever it takes. Our employees always come first. But what sets our employees apart from everyone else?

Xylos’ employees are experienced enthusiasts who are eager to learn. They are team players who care about their colleagues. They persevere and grow. At work, they aim for the best results; away from work, they love social contact. Enjoy life: that’s the motto a true Xylos employee lives by.

2. Our values lead the way


At Xylos, we don’t only take care of our customers and their end users, but of our employees as well. After all, it’s not the technology that makes the difference - it’s the people. That’s why they always take centre stage. The three pillars of Collegiality, Freedom and Authenticity are our top priorities. Everyone must be able to be themselves and communicate with their colleagues openly.


All of our employees are extremely talented individuals who grow, gain experience, encourage and stimulate each other every day. We all have a personal growth plan and goal, but no one travels alone – we’re all on the road together. That’s why we believe in the power of self-managing teams, where everyone gets their share of freedom and responsibility and all team members support each other.


At Xylos, we’re driven by passion. We strive to do our best, learn new things and grow. Passion is part of our DNA. We don’t just use our brains to work – we also work from the heart. We follow trainings, draw roadmaps together with our customers, and grab every opportunity we see. And everything we do is inspired by our colleagues. ‘Work hard, play hard’ inspires the heart.

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