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Factors that affect a Bot’s success


If you build a Bot, it goes without saying that you want it to be successful. In other words, that the Bot will provide a better user experience than traditional resources, such as an app, website, manual or telephone call. Otherwise, there would be no need for the Bot.

What is a better user experience?

There are a number of crucial questions to help you determine whether a Bot will lead to an improved user experience.

  1. Can the Bot resolve the user's problem in the least number of steps?
  2. Is the solution better, easier and faster than the alternatives?
  3. Can the user use the Bot on the various available devices and platforms?
  4. Is the Bot easy to find and is it prominently displayed?
  5. Is the user able to use the Bot intuitively?

Choose the design based on your users

A good user experience avoids making the user type too much, ask too many questions or give elaborate explanations. The Bot should automatically collect as much information as possible. In other words: technology is subordinate to user experience and design.

Naturally, intelligence and understanding language and context (natural language processing or NLP) helps to meet user expectations. You should always take these functionalities into account when choosing your Bot framework.

Xylos has grouped all Bot design knowledge in the 'Intelligent cloud’ competence centre. Here, we combine cognitive services (such as: language understanding, speech service, intelligent entity linking) and machine learning.

Are you planning on improving your user experience by deploying Bots? Then arrange an appointment with frederick.dierickx@xylos.com



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