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Veeam delivers cloud-native backups for Microsoft Azure

Davy Neirynck

With Veeam, you can easily recover the workloads you’re protecting on-premises to Azure or AWS. But how is your workload protected once it’s active in the public cloud? What happens if you later decide to retrieve this workload to your own datacentre because of performance, cost reduction or consolidation? This is where a true cloud mobility solution comes in handy. We’ll tell you more about it in this blog post. 

The anatomy of a privileged hack – 3 questions and answers

Peter Beyls

Are you worried about data breaches or credential theft? Do you fear that hackers might misuse this information for financial gain?  As an organisation, you can protect yourself against these types of hacks by deploying solutions that protect your data and your identities. 

The 6 Azure security facts you should know

Michel Van Hoof

“How does Microsoft provide the security of my Azure infrastructure, data and applications?” In this blog, we’ll dive into 6 security insights concerning the Azure Cloud.

Identity and Access Management: discover our solutions

Geert Gijsels

Our IAM team believes a strong and secure identity policy is needed in today's digital world. Ready to discover our solutions? 

Cloud Security is… getting a grip on your data outside of your organisation

Johan Celis

The public cloud is used everywhere. In almost all businesses, employees share files through cloud services, teams use apps to keep track of lists and browser plugins regulate traffic to the world outside of the company. The downside is that the IT department can’t really manage this traffic. With these tips, we’ll help you keep your data under control – locally as well as in the cloud.

Being attacked by supervillain Peyta? Xylos to the rescue!

Johan Celis
Enter Peyta (aka Petya or Petrwrap), the new ransomware variant that is spreading. She has many similarities to Wannacry. They both use an NSA exploit known as EternalBlue that targets a SMB vulnerability (CVE-2017-0144), for which Microsoft released a patch in March. Unfortunately, Petya has a few more tricks up her sleeve. What makes Peyta more malicious? Cyber-criminals have learned from the …

What impact will the GDPR have on your cloud endeavours?

Karim Vaes
Introduction The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR came into force in April 2016. Some people think they are a thorn in the side of cloud providers, but I beg to differ. I regard these regulations as an aid rather than a threat to investment in the cloud. What are the "GDPR" about? In essence, the GDPR define the rules that apply to using and processing personal data of EU residents. …

WannaCry? We’ll get you smiling again

Johan Celis
On Friday 12 May, a new version of ransomware WannaCry hit many countries worldwide. And the attack is still not over. As long as we continue to unthinkingly open and left-click email files, this sort of problem will never go away. Anti-malware companies will grab the chance to promote their products. But, what lessons can we learn from this attack? What is ransomware? Ransomware is a form of …

Security context on mobile devices

Tim Jacobs
This post examines the security context for mobile devices. Often, the assumption is made that a mobile device can be secured through a complete lock down. We will argue that from and end-user perspective, more interesting starting points for security exist.