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Change Consultant Anne-Sophie develops learning courses to support your end users

“The corporate culture was the factor that made me decide to join Xylos.”

“Four years ago, I was looking for a new professional challenge. I only had one request for the employment agency I registered at: I wanted to work for a company with an excellent corporate culture. They quickly found a match for me: Xylos. And now, I work here as a Change Consultant.”

Presales & consulting

“My favourite aspect of this job is the variation. Thanks to the diversity of my tasks, I spend half of my work week with customers and the remaining hours at the office. Want to know what my work routine looks like? I’ll give you a rundown. Every change story starts with a presales phase in which my sales colleagues and I visit new customers to explain our approach. After this step comes the consulting phase: I sit down with the customer to map out their needs and come up with a strategy. Which stakeholders are involved in the change project? Which colleagues will use the new IT tool the most and need more intense training? These are just two of the factors that we discuss in meetings, workshops and interviews.”

My team

Project management

“During the last phase of the story, I’m mostly a project manager. I implement the learning plan we’ve developed and follow up on the process - but to me, project management is more than that. On top of the customer part, I brainstorm with colleagues and refine my approach. I come up with new concepts and work out the details of new ideas.”

“From presales to implementation: I love the variation.”

“My biggest challenge? Convincing the customer of the merit of a change plan. Many people forget about this aspect or consider it ‘unimportant’, but nothing could be further from the truth. Implementing an IT tool such as Office 365 is only useful if every end user can work with the software properly. Don’t hesitate to jump into this customer adventure.”

Anne-Sophie’s job interview tip

“You’ve probably heard this before, but just be 100% yourself. If you’ve got what it takes, our HR colleagues will definitely find you a spot in our company. And don’t forget about our corporate culture. You don’t need to behave too formally. Every true Xylos employee has a unique personality, and we like to celebrate our uniqueness.”

Do you want to be a member of Team Xylos?

Be sure to check out our Change Consultant job offer. Maybe you’ll be Anne-Sophie’s new colleague soon.

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