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Yes, we can change: The Digital Coach, your guiding hand for change

During the change project for your Digital Workplace, your colleagues will undoubtedly have some ad hoc questions about Office 365 – and some of these questions will very likely go unanswered during their training because they’re too specific or complex. Still, they require a fitting answer – an answer Xylos’ Digital Coaches can provide.

In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned that successful change management hinges on a clear action plan. That’s why we don’t just stick to one, but three plans: a Communication, Learning and Sponsorship plan. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the Learning plan and focus on the element that ties your colleagues’ training project together: the Digital Coach.

1. What is een Digital Coach? 

Noun (M/F), plural: Digital Coaches

A Digital Coach is a digital expert who provides essential Office 365 support. They’ll teach your colleagues how to use digital tools and give them all the advice they need. Thanks to your Digital Coach, your IT department is no longer overwhelmed with questions, and productivity at work will soar.

Example sentence: Digital Coach Pierre shares his expertise with the company’s employees, so that they can become Office 365 experts themselves. 

Synonyms: Mentor, Flying Doctor, First Responder for Office 365 

2. What does a Digital Coach do?

A Digital Coach inspires your colleagues to work more efficiently by teaching them how to make optimal use of the digital tools provided to them. This helps them save valuable time, which they can then spend on other goals, such as keeping customers satisfied.

  A Digital Coach inspires:

It doesn’t take long for your users to learn how to use an application in a certain way. After that, they’ll keep doing the same thing for years. As a result, they’re hardly aware of the new possibilities that were added later and have no clue about how to use them.

That’s why the Digital Coach shows your colleagues these new functionalities and alternative work methods, focuses on integrating the Office applications and proposes new strategies. This way, they’ll encourage your end users to keep questioning their own work habits and to adapt them when needed.

  A Digital Coach trains:

During targeted training sessions, the Digital Coach teaches your end users how to use new features and applications. These trainings are hands-on and take place in their own familiar digital work environment.

But changing work habits doesn’t happen after a single training session. Change requires continuous effort - which is also a job for your Digital Coach. They’ll support your users during several moments, so that they can master the new and improved work methods.

  A Digital Coach solves:  

A Digital Coach answers ad hoc questions about all standard Microsoft applications your colleagues use: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Many users only work with a limited range of document types (Word, Outlook, Excel). If necessary, our Digital Coach sits down with them to analyse the work methods they use and to encourage them to adopt an optimised method.

  A Digital Coach coaches:

Change is a continuous process. Did you know that you can develop individual support programmes for your colleagues with the help of your Digital Coach? They’ll regularly meet up with the user and adjust the programme when needed. Briefly put: they’ll be by the user’s side to motivate, stimulate and observe whenever necessary.

3. What does an average day look like for a Digital Coach?

Are you looking for our Digital Coaches? You’re guaranteed to find one in power company Engie’s office. Pierre gets up at the crack of dawn to teach their employees how to use new applications. He’s become a constant presence there and walks the halls as a Flying Doctor. He’s part of Engie-GEM’s phased plan to increase productivity. He’s not just their central point of contact, but he’s also a teacher during the company’s Power Hours – fixed group sessions on Friday where questions such as “Outlook: how do I keep my inbox in check?” are answered. Afterwards, all information is made available for everyone on Yammer.

Want to know more about our Digital Coaches?

Be sure to read the Engie case on our website.

Do you want to drive change at work? 

We’d be more than happy to help. Check out our change offer and our blog series ‘Yes, We Can Change’. 

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