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Five questions to consider in a changing IT world

Today, many businesses expect more from their IT departments than they did a few years ago. Are innovation, speed and security at the top of your priority list as well? How will you achieve and maintain all three in today’s changing IT world? Let’s clear some things up with a five-question FAQ.

1. My customers want everything faster and cheaper. How do I handle this?

Most players want to be on top of any changes in the market. To keep up the pace, your IT team must be able to develop and deliver new applications quickly, without racking up considerable annual costs. This is hard to do if you’re only working with on-premises infrastructure; you’ll need to take the necessary hardware, additional licences and new services into account – and when an application is no longer needed, you won’t be able to recuperate the purchase cost. A well-thought-out cloud strategy could solve this issue for you: with a pay-per-use model, you only pay for what you really use without being burdened by legacy costs. Our Xylos experts can advise you on this topic and set up a scalable virtual data centre for you.

2. How do I identify and prioritise strategic projects?

Xylos has a standard approach to help you identify customer-specific strategic projects. We’ll consolidate and prioritise each project in a roadmap and help you set up a plan to achieve your strategic goals in a pragmatic way. As part of the project plan, we’ll determine where your IT applications should be hosted: in an on-premises environment, a hosted private cloud, or the public cloud? Xylos has proven experience with every option – and we’ll gladly use it to give you advice that’s tailored to your specific situation.

3. How do I relieve my IT staff of repetitive, less exciting tasks?

In most companies, IT teams spend a lot of time performing repetitive operational tasks. If they’ve got any time left after these are done, they can start working on strategic projects – but these repetitive, tedious tasks keep your IT staff from innovating, and people will likely get bored if they can hardly do anything else. To remedy this, Xylos came up with a few solutions, ranging from standardising and automating IT processes to providing Managed Services, where Xylos takes care of certain tasks for you. Managed Services aren’t limited to the on-premises part of your infrastructure; they can also apply to a hosted private cloud or public cloud environment. After all, our goal is to make life easier for you.

4. How do I optimally secure my hybrid IT infrastructure?

A single firewall used to be enough to secure your network, but the IT landscape is becoming increasingly hybrid and fragmented (on-premises, hosted private cloud, public cloud, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams). As a result, securing everything has become a much more complex issue. During a Security Assessment, we’ll map out your infrastructure’s security. After this, an independent third party will confirm that your security is up to par, or we’ll advise you on how to optimise your security.

5. How do I stay up to date with the latest developments on the market?

First and foremost, Xylos aims to be a Trusted Advisor: a partner who’s on the same wavelength as you, thinks along with you and commits to a long-term cooperation.Xylos follows up closely on the newest market trends and evaluates them thoroughly to determine if they fit your specific needs. Through our ‘Managed Hybrid Cloud’ concept, we analyse all current market developments and technologies and we proactively identify the market trends that could provide added value for you.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

With Managed Hybrid Cloud, we can provide an all-in answer to the above questions. Would you like more information? Be sure to visit our website and have a look at our product.

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