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Going digital with Xylos during the corona crisis

Now that the coronavirus chaos is complete, timing is of the essence. At Xylos, we’ve already implemented some initiatives to ensure continued smooth collaboration, so your colleagues can work remotely and still do everything they’d do in the office. How can we help you in this ‘viral’ period? Our CEO Patrick Leysen gives you a quick rundown of our three initiatives. 

1. Ask our 24/7 helpdesk 

We’ve set up a dedicated helpdesk that’s available to everyone 24/7. Our experts will answer all your questions about every technical aspect: 

  • How do I give my employees the necessary tools to work in the virtual world? 
  • How do I organise meetings with external providers and partners? 
  • What equipment (hardware) do my employees need? 
  • Which software licences do I need?  
  • How do I increase my network and server capacity? 
  • How do I teach my employees to work remotely?  

The helpdesk is available at all times via the phone number +32 2 264 13 02 or via the e-mail address virtueelsamenwerken@xylos.com.

2. Watch free instructional OASE videos 

Everyone can watch our instructional Teams videos on our video platform OASE for free via this link.

3. Follow our free webinar 

Follow our free webinar ‘Collaborating remotely with Zoom and MS Teams’, which we’re organising on Friday 13 March 2020 at 15.00h. Just register via this link

Do you still have any questions about our approach or the possible impact of the coronavirus on your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact our CEO Patrick Leysen or your POC at Xylos or Bagaar. 

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