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Optimising collaboration during the coronavirus outbreak

Now that the coronavirus has reached Europe, the WHO has suggested new measures to stop it from spreading further. Working from home is one of them – but how do you let your colleagues work from home, now and in the near future, without compromising on collaboration and productivity? That’s where the advantages of Zoom Online Communications come in handy.

Working from home is the new norm

Insecurity is rising and the first reports about the economical impact of the virus are already affecting local and international stock markets.

Zoom Video Communications

But even in crisis situations, there are opportunities to optimise your business, to grow and to make your organisation stand out. Crises force people to think about how we can keep collaborating when physically meeting up becomes difficult. Luckily, the Internet comes to the rescue with innovative technologies that make it possible to collaborate online via video. Zoom Video Communications is one of these state-of-the-art technologies. This quality cloud-based solution offers innovative functionalities such as a virtual video background. 

Video meetings, virtual collaboration and telephony

“Delivering Happiness” is Zoom’s main goal. They aim to make the online meeting experience better and more efficient than physical meetings and prioritise user-friendliness above all. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that many companies are choosing Zoom’s modern, refreshing and easy-to-use solution: a Unified Communications platform for video meetings, virtual collaboration and telephony.

Xylos is Certified Zoom Partner 

Is your company considering switching to the best UC-as-a-Service solution? As a proud Certified Zoom Partner, Xylos will gladly tell you more about Zoom’s inspiring possibilities. Together, we’ll help your colleagues get started with the software as soon as possible.

Discover our approach 

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