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Get up to speed with the latest tech trends at Techorama

There aren’t many Microsoft-focused technology conferences in Belgium that have such an international appeal and authority as Techorama. Techorama sets the bar on many levels: great content, great speakers, and great experience. Traditionally, the focus of the conference was for developers. But this year they have branched out to IT and SharePoint professionals, which makes it even more interesting. It’s exactly this convergence of technologies that makes us at Xylos even more excited!


The keynote at the conference will be done by no less that Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President at Microsoft - a man who doesn’t need an introduction. He is probably the most famous developer in the Microsoft world and is responsible for technology such as Azure, .NET and a lot of other products and platforms. If you’re looking for a celebrity to meet, just watch out for his signature red polo shirt.

Also sharing their in-depth knowledge are our own Geert Baeke and Microsoft MVP Thomas Vochten, who will be speaking at Techorama. They will deliver the following three sessions:

  • Hybrid SharePoint demystified” by Thomas Vochten, 23/05 at 15:00
    By now, we’re well beyond the initial hype around hybrid SharePoint deployments. It’s not only about search and OneDrive anymore. Microsoft keeps adding new hybrid capabilities to the SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem and will continue doing so in the future. Take part to explore the current state of the hybrid SharePoint landscape as well as look ahead to what’s coming in this space.
  • Surviving the zombie apocalypse with adaptable IoT” by Geert Baeke, 24/05 at 11:05 When starting with IoT, there are a lot of choices to be made with respect to devices, sensors and backend systems. Join us to find out what choices we think you should make at the device side and Microsoft Azure IoT side, to avoid having to restart from scratch every time your business comes back with a new requirement. The goal is to create an adaptable IoT solution, to handle even the toughest & weirdest situations.
  • Getting started with SharePoint development for the reluctant IT Pro” by Thomas Vochten, 24/05 at 16:30 You have been blaming developers for bringing down your farm, wrestling with them over configuration changes or just laughing at them because they wear stupid T-shirts. Making fun of developers is a great way to pass the time, I'm sure we all agree on that. However, you have been secretly watching Build keynotes, sitting in on developer sessions at a conference or reading developer blogs behind closed doors, because… well - it seems so cool! Fear not, you're not alone. If this is you and you don't know where to start, this session is for you. We’ll cover the essential tools you need to know to get started, and go from Hello World to your first real client side webpart in 60 minutes. No farm solutions involved or you get your money back.

When you’re there, be sure to visit us at the Xylos booth. We’re a friendly bunch and you might even get something to take home with you!

Check out www.techorama.be for more information, tickets and the full agenda.

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