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Identity and Access Management: discover our solutions

In today’s world, you see identities wherever you look. Thanks to digitization, it doesn’t matter where your business data or applications are located: they can be stored in the cloud, running on-premises or set up in a hybrid configuration. These applications are increasingly linked together; data is shared between platforms and needs to be accessed by different people to collaborate and increase productivity. That’s why our IAM team believes a strong and secure identity is needed. Ready to discover our solutions?


Our team helps you overcome the various challenges you deal with during your digital journey.

1. Identities are the new perimeter

Our vision is clear:

"Identities are the new perimeter at the centre of the digital journey."

Since identities are central in the IT environment, it’s important to invest in securing and protecting them. Strong password policies and password rotation is a must-have these days, but you can also add an additional security layer by deploying technology like Multi-Factor Authentication for example.

What about privileged accounts?

One type of identity that needs more attention is privileged accounts. How many domain and system admin accounts do you have in your environment? Do you use strong authentication for the most valuable and sensitive accounts in your environment? Privileged Account Management is a hot topic today. The lack of an account management process is often the cause of data leakages or GDPR breaches.

What about onboarding and offboarding identities?

Creating new accounts is often easy, but which access rights do these accounts really need? Access rights are often given based on existing employees who are doing a similar job, but what happens when such a colleague has been with the company for 20 years and has worked in several other departments before? Will the new employee receive access rights to these other departments as well?  You can increase productivity and security by giving users access to the data and applications they need to do their jobs—and nothing more. A strong joiner, mover, leaver policy is key to achieve this.

2. Data is the new gold

Data can be accessed and located anywhere, on any location, at any time. It can be shared with partners or customers and can perhaps contain sensitive information. For all these reasons, it’s obvious that data security requires the necessary attention. The time when file servers were the security boundary of your data is long gone. What you need to do today is classify your data, protect its content appropriately and define what others can do with your information.

3. So are applications

Just like data, applications can also be accessed from everywhere – not necessarily only by your employees, but also by your customers or partners you’re working with. How do you access those applications? By integrating them with other platforms to perform Single Sign On or providing a self-service so users can register their own account.

4. Our Xylos solutions

In a digital world, organisations work together. They share documents, resources and applications, not only between employees within the organization, but also with business partners and customers. But do you know who has access to what, from which device and when? It’s hard to keep an overview about who has access to what and for what purpose. An appropriate governance plan sustained by technology is essential to keep everything under control and guarantee a secure and protected environment for your identities, data and applications.

The solutions we offer at Xylos for Identity & Access Management are based on four major building blocks: Administration, Audit & Analytics, Authentication and Authorization.


  • Active Directory & Azure Active Directory
  • Joiner, Mover, Leaver
  • (Role Based) Access Management

Audit & Analytics

  • Segregation of Duty
  • Identity and Data Analytics & Risk assessment
  • Privileged Identity Management (Change Control)


  • Password Management
  • Single Sign On
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Privileged Identity Management (Password Control)


  • Information Protection
  • Data Classification
  • Privileged Identity Management (Session Control)

We can also assist you with information management, security governance and risk and compliance management. Our highly-skilled Xylos experts assist our customers in end-to-end projects, supported by technologies from our partners and vendors. Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and find the best solution that meets all your needs.  


Do you want to know more about our IAM offer? Contact our experts in the field:

  • Geert.Gijsels@xylos.com
  • Peter.Beyls@xylos.com


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