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Youngster & Cloud Consultant Sam comes up with creative solutions for your cloud migration

“I became part of Xylos last year thanks to the Young Graduates Program. It’s an intense three-month training that prepares freshly-graduated people for a smooth transition to corporate life. After the program, I started working as a Cloud Consultant specialised in Microsoft Azure." 

Job application parameters

IT experts are showered with job offers, so I knew I wouldn’t just settle for the first job that popped up during my search. After applying for dozens of other job openings, I discovered Xylos. Suddenly, I realised that this was the company I really wanted to work for. Why? Because Xylos ticked all the boxes:

  • I live close to the company;
  • I applied for a job I was genuinely interested in (cloud consultancy);
  • Xylos gave me the impression that I could grow quickly and achieve my ambitions;
  • Xylos offered one of the highest and most comprehensive salary packages.

“Xylos understands that a happy employee is a good employee.”

The element that really tipped the scales? The warm, personal and friendly atmosphere during my first meetings with several Xylos employees. I immediately saw that this company would allow me to be myself. They listen to your needs and suggestions. Shortly put, Xylos understands that a happy employee is a good employee.

Eager to learn

As a Cloud Consultant, my job offers plenty of variation. I work on projects, so no two days at work are the same. I come up with creative solutions for businesses looking to migrate their environment to the cloud and I take care of the technical implementation as well. My source of inspiration? Coffee. The one constant that happens every workday are my trips to the coffee machine. But coffee alone won’t do the trick: my job requires a solid dose of technical knowledge, eagerness to learn and common sense.

Satisfied customer

The best part of my job is the fact that my work can have a major impact on a company. It’s amazing to know that hundreds or even thousands of people use the infrastructure you’ve created together with your colleagues. If the customer is satisfied with your work, that’s the icing on the cake.

To top it off, my job offers plenty of exciting challenges. The deployment of my first project immediately comes to mind: we migrated servers to the cloud for a company and I was in charge of the technical implementation. That was a lot of responsibility to carry. At a certain point, things didn’t go as expected, but my colleagues came to the rescue and solved the problem immediately. I have to admit that was a stressful day.

“The biggest challenge? There are countless ways to approach a project, and it’s up to you to pick the best solution.”

The biggest challenge? There are countless ways to approach a project, and it’s up to you to pick the best solution. There’s never just one ‘best solution’, either. Is the best option the cheapest, the best performing or the most durable one? There’s almost never a single solution that excels across the board. The key in this situation is to find the best compromise.

Do you want to be a member of Team Xylos?

Be sure to check out our Youngster and Consultant job openings. Maybe you’ll be Sam’s new colleague soon!

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