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From A to Z: it’s Recruitment Officer Annelies’ mission to follow up on job applicants

“I get the chance to develop my talents to the fullest and grow within the company.”

“I’ve been an HR & Recruitment Officer at Xylos for three years now, but I’ve been with the company for longer than that. I used to be an external employee for the company, but permanent employment offered me more opportunities. I can really develop myself to the fullest in the recruitment department and I get the chance to grow within the company. The fact that I work in an open, friendly corporate culture, with an awesome team at my side, is the cherry on the cake.”

Looking for new Team Xylos members

“No two days at work are the same, but I do have some standard tasks that make up my work routine. One of these tasks is looking for new candidates through different methods and channels. LinkedIn is my favourite. After speaking with a candidate, I write a report to keep my colleagues in the respective Business Units updated about the latest developments. This process takes a lot of patience, because everything depends on the candidate. That means things don’t always work out the way you’d like. If that happens, it’s important that you don’t give up – with the proper amount of determination and assertive attitude, you’ll get there.”

“The recruitment process is the best part of my job, from getting to know a candidate to welcoming a new member of Team Xylos.”

Excitement at Great Place to Work Awards

“As a recruiter, you face various challenges, but you get a lot of satisfaction in return. The best part of my job is the recruitment process. I love it when I succeed in convincing someone to visit us and warming them up for the job. After a technical interview, we propose a contract – and after that, we’re ready to welcome a new member to Team Xylos. A happy ending like that always makes my day. I also love the exciting trips my colleagues and I take. When we participated in the Great Place to Work Awards two years ago, we had no idea if we’d even end up in the top ten. During the award ceremony, we were sitting on the edge of our seats. We ended up fifth. It was an unbelievably exciting evening.


Annelies' job interview tip

““Preparation is incredibly important. Have a look at our website before you start the interview; if you know the company you’re applying with, you’ll leave a far more professional impression. And, of course, be yourself. Some people think an introduction round is a very stiff, formal affair, but at Xylos, that isn’t the case at all. There’s no need to feel nervous.”

Do you want to be a member of Team Xylos?

Look at our job openings and maybe you’ll be part of Annelies’ recruitment team soon.

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