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From webinars to intranet configuration: Microsoft 365 Consultant Leila is here to help

“I’ve always had a soft spot for technology. After my previous job as a communication manager, I was looking forward to starting a new career in IT. I wanted to try something new, reorient myself and learn new skills. Shortly put: I was ready to step out of my comfort zone. And I did so at Xylos. I heard they were a modern company and a great place to work, and now I’m one of the Microsoft 365 Consultants in their Collaboration Team.

“Xylos is very open-minded. The company gives you every opportunity to develop your skills.”


“My daily tasks? Well, I don’t really have a fixed routine to work through every day. My work schedule is determined by the requests submitted by our customers. No two days are alike and every day is dedicated to a specific project: I prepare trainings, create videos, configure intranet solutions... My projects do all have a common goal: to optimise professional collaboration for our customers. The variation in my job allows me to work independently. On top of that, Xylos is very open-minded. They give you every opportunity to develop your skills.”

“Every customer is unique. Make sure you’re able to adapt and listen to them attentively.”

Listening skills

“Of course, you’ll need some specific skills if you want to be a consultant. Every customer is unique, so make sure you’re able to adapt and listen to them attentively. If you love taking on challenges, that’s a plus. When I started out at Xylos, I conducted my first training in Dutch for about 20 people. It was definitely a thrilling experience, since I’m a native French speaker.”

Leïla's job interview tip

“Xylos is a company that lets you be yourself. Therefore, my advice is obvious: just be yourself and you’re bound to succeed.”


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