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Solutions Sales Stéphane loves to challenge customers’ Azure knowledge

 “I’ve been working with SaaS solutions for a long time and I’ve always been intrigued by the cloud formulas behind them. That’s why I wanted to learn more about the Microsoft Azure universe. I was ready for a new challenge, preferably with a company that takes care of its corporate culture. And now, I’m a member of the Solutions Sales Cloud team at Xylos.”

“With us, everybody works as one team. Nobody is ever isolated on their own little island.”

“My previous employer only accepted candidates who matched the company’s corporate culture. When I was looking for new opportunities, I specifically scouted out employers with the same mindset. So far, I can wholeheartedly confirm that this rings true at Xylos. The company values its employees’ soft skills very highly and they only hire people who share the Xylos spirit. The atmosphere at work is fun and laid-back as well. Everyone works as one team; nobody is ever isolated on their own little island.”

“This means that my colleagues and I regularly meet up to discuss our approach. I also meet our partners, such as Microsoft, and our suppliers regularly to talk about the current state of affairs. And I spend a lot of time keeping in touch with my customers, either by visiting them or through conference calls.”

Keep inspiring

“My biggest challenge? Continuing to inspire customers. If you’ve got nothing left to teach them, what would they still need you for? Since it’s impossible for customers to always keep up with all of Microsoft Azure’s newest functionalities, I try my best to learn everything about it as soon as possible.”

“As a Solutions Sales team member, you’re the CEO of your own miniature company. You need to have an entrepreneurial spirit.”

“I think you can only be a successful Solutions Sales person if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and you dare to take the initiative. You’re the CEO of your own miniature company. Customers always look at things from their own perspective; it’s up to you to not just listen to them, but also caution them when needed and present new, refreshing ideas. Just smiling and nodding won’t get you anywhere. That’s why I like to challenge our customers with my own knowledge and insights. By continuing to question the professional status quo, you keep inspiring the customer, which is enriching for both parties.”

Stéphane’s job interview tip

“Always get the measure of a company before you apply. Your salary is important, but feeling good at work is at least equally relevant. Your employer should be someone who inspires you, day after day.”

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