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Throwback to Microsoft Inspire: our three key takeaways

Xylos Inspire 2019 is over – and as Microsoft’s trusted partner, we were treated to some interesting insights at the event. Want to know more? Read on to discover our three key takeaways from the event, which took place in Las Vegas.  

Skills and resources 

Invest more in knowledge acquisition and in your staff’s professional growth. Skills and resources are the main things companies should focus on. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella‘s speech illustrates perfectly what we mean: during his keynote, he mentioned that 77% of all first-line employees don’t have the necessary technologies at their disposal to be optimally productive during their working hours. However, as the customer’s first point of contact, they fulfill an important role within the company. Make sure they have direct access to the newest tools and software, just like your office workers and other colleagues.  

Tech Intensity  

Having the right skills and knowledge to use new technologies will lead towards a new cultural mindset, which Satya Nadella thinks we should all strive for: tech intensity, or the democratisation of the digital transformation. According to Nadella, all companies will be software companies in the future. The faster organisations can map out their technological possibilities, the better.   


To conclude, here’s a statement that sticks. Time to refer to CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote again: he said that trust has to be earned, day after day. The decisions made at Microsoft and the company’s methods to do so are all connected to this one core concept. Only trust will enable you to build lasting relationships with your partners and customers. This insight was firmly lodged in our brains for the entire duration of the event – and Xylos supports this idea 100%.  

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