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How to manage your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business telephony deployment?

When you build a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business telephony deployment, it can quickly become a complex architecture. Think about the different cloud application services and connectivity devices you should be thinking of. How can you keep everything in control? Let’s talk you through Audiocodes’ Onve Voice Operations Center (OVOC), a day-to-day telephony management solution.

Can you keep up with your telephony architecture?

Can you keep up with your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business telephony deployment? We can imagine it can be a tough cookie to crack because it includes on-premises and/or cloud application services, connectivity devices for external telephony lines like SIP Trunking and ISDN, internal connectivity of analog devices like fax of intercoms and sometimes also a set of user endpoints, such as IP deskphones and Wifi/DECT wireless phones.

This often results in a strong integration between the Microsoft core platform solution together with sometimes several ecosystem solutions like telephony gateways, additional applications and end-user devices, to finally act again as one comprehensive system.

Ever tought of “Single Pane of Glass” for your Microsoft Enterprise VoIP Solution?

This is exactly where AudioCodes’ One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) comes into the play. AudioCodes OVOC delivers an holistic layer for day-to-day management, quality monitoring and troubleshooting of the entire telephony environment.

At first OVOC is providing answers on your core challenges during deployment and for day to day operational management:

And we can take this OVOC holistic management solution to an even higher level by enabling OVOC Advance with realtime monitoring and providing root cause analysis for quality issues.

In short, AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center will provide you the abilities to speed up your daily management of the entire solution and it will proactively facilitate you from Detection to Correction to guarantee the ultimate experiences towards your telephony users.

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