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How do you protect your cloud applications with Check Point CloudGuard SaaS?

The ‘new workplace’ concept is finding its way into an ever-increasing number of businesses. In this evolving corporate world, it’s important to make sure your end users can work in a secure cloud network. We’ve already introduced Check Point CloudGuard in a previous blog post – and this time, we’d like to tell you more about Check Point CloudGuard SaaS, a Software-as-a-Service solution that protects your cloud applications.

Check Point’s CloudGuard consists of several products:

  1. Dome9 offers insights into the security of your public cloud environments.
  2. IaaS are virtual firewalls that protect your networks in the public and private cloud.
  3. SaaS protects your cloud applications.


Introducing CloudGuard SaaS

Why use SaaS?

Back when office employees spent most of their working hours in the company’s physical office, they only used internal applications and data in a secured network. However, companies are increasingly moving towards a more flexible way of working. Is yours one of them? If so, you’re probably aware of the fact that your colleagues could use cloud applications in unmonitored, possibly unsafe environments. To secure these applications in the cloud, Check Point has introduced CloudGuard SaaS.

How does CloudGuard SaaS work?


CloudGuard SaaS integrates seamlessly with the cloud applications that are used within your organisation, such as Office 365 and Dropbox.

After you’ve installed CloudGuard SaaS, traffic is directed through Check Point’s ThreatCloud and secured against malware. Sebsequently, the API notifies CloudGuard SaaS whenever a user shares an e-mail or a file through an SaaS application. The security engine then scans the data for threats or malicious content and determines whether it should be quarantined, cleaned or deleted. This process uses the complete Check Point security solution: Sandblast sandboxing against zero-day threats and malware, data leakage prevention, anti-phishing, and tools to expose shadow IT.

On top of this, ID Guard protects identity information to make sure your accounts won’t get hacked.

Which advantages does CloudGuard SaaS offer?

  • Easy installation: after you’ve created an account, you grant CloudGuard access to your cloud application.
  • Protection against phishing, malware, data leakage and unauthorised access to accounts.
  • Easy management and reporting through the web-based management console: if you’ve already used other Check Point products, logging can be integrated in SmartConsole.


Discover our CloudGuard offer

Do you want to know more about CloudGuard SaaS? Are you interested in our Check Point offer? Our experts will gladly assist you.

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