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Meet the Xylossers 22 blogposts

Team Xylos: who are they? What do they do? What motivates them? Read our blog series ‘Meet Team Xylos’ to discover how they spend their days at work and in their spare time. What tasks do they undertake? What challenges do they face? And where can you find them when they’re out of office? Enjoy the read! 

Your job search as a Young Graduate from A to Z

Annelies Bertels

Are you about to graduate? If so, your head is probably buzzing with questions. Talent Acquisition Partner Annelies Bertels helps you get started with five questions and answers. 

Welcome back, Learning Consultant Antonio!

Our colleague Antonio is back! Let's take a look at his adventures at Xylos. 

From Ecuador to Dakar: IT Consultant Lennert provides IT support at sea

“Right after finishing my degree five years ago, I chose to join Team Xylos. Out of the jobs I’d applied for, this company stood out as the best by far – partly because of the fun atmosphere and talkative colleagues, but also because Xylos proposed the most interesting learning path."

Solutions Sales Stéphane loves to challenge customers’ Azure knowledge

 “I’ve been working with SaaS solutions for a long time and I’ve always been intrigued by the cloud formulas behind them. That’s why I wanted to learn more about the Microsoft Azure universe. I was ready for a new challenge, preferably with a company that takes care of its corporate culture.”

Change Consultant Anne-Sophie develops learning courses to support your end users

Anne-Sophie Blij

"I wanted to work for a company with an excellent corporate culture. They quickly found a match for me: Xylos." 

Youngster & Cloud Consultant Sam comes up with creative solutions for your cloud migration

Sam Tulpinck

“I became part of Xylos last year thanks to the Young Graduates Program. It’s an intense three-month training that prepares freshly-graduated people for a smooth transition to corporate life." 

Office 365 Consultant Hans solves customers’ problems on-site

Hans Santens

“I was looking for a new challenge. I’d worked with several Xylos employees at my former workplace and from my experience with them, Xylos seemed a fun company with a friendly atmosphere."

From webinars to intranet configuration: Microsoft 365 Consultant Leila is here to help

Leïla Deneyer

“I’ve always had a soft spot for technology. After my previous job as a communication manager, I was looking forward to starting a new career in IT."

From A to Z: it’s Recruitment Officer Annelies’ mission to follow up on job applicants

Annelies Bertels

“No two days at work are the same, but I do have some standard tasks that make up my work routine. One of these tasks is looking for new candidates through different methods and channels."

Project Coordinator Caro loves achieving tangible marketing results with her content

Caro Willekens

“I studied Languages and Communication, but starter jobs in the field of communication are rare. If a job opening does pop up somewhere, it immediately gets swarmed by applicants. As a result, I had trouble finding work. But Xylos offered me a chance, and I took it."