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Meet the Xylossers 22 blogposts

Team Xylos: who are they? What do they do? What motivates them? Read our blog series ‘Meet Team Xylos’ to discover how they spend their days at work and in their spare time. What tasks do they undertake? What challenges do they face? And where can you find them when they’re out of office? Enjoy the read! 

The Microsoft MPV Summit: 5 questions & answers

Thomas Vochten

Whatever is shared in Redmond, stays in Redmond. The news that’s presented there is top secret. Thomas went to Redmond to make sure SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams are headed in the right direction.

The Xylos ABC’s

Elise Favere

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Xylos has been awarded the title Best Workplace for the second year in a row. But what makes Xylos a Best Workplace? What makes our corporate culture special? Read our ABC’s to discover more. 

Naomi goes to Australia: a rocky road

Naomi Ombelets

It’s 2006. My partner and I are off to visit friends in Australia. At that moment, we had only just moved in together and both of us had just started working. These circumstances being what they were, our budget was rather limited. Luckily, thanks to our experience with the aviation industry, we were familiar with the concept of ‘standby flights’. The total cost for a return ticket from Amsterdam to Sydney: € 185 per person. Not bad, right? But the catch is the ‘standby’ part.

Cruising with Natascha and Alexis: the wonders of Northern Europe

Natascha Vanhee

When I was in my twenties, my husband and I loved to go on cruises. During one cruise, I was pregnant with Alexis, so I ravaged every buffet on board… and believe me, there were many. Ten years ago, the kids were old enough to join us, so we booked a family cruise. They absolutely loved it, so ever since then, family cruises have become a yearly tradition.

Kristof in Las Vegas: the Microsoft Inspire diary

Kristof Maes

“We are excited to announce this new incentive to join us for a fantastic and exclusive experience. Microsoft Inspire is the event where the world meets to transform business.” Read everything about our 7-day adventure in my travel blog.

Annelies in Slovenia: frolleagues, water skiing and canyoning

Annelies Bertels

After some consideration, my husband and I decided to go on a last-minute trip to Slovenia this year. We’ve passed through the country on our way to Croatia before, and we wanted to find out what it has to offer. Green forests, mysterious mountains, emerald green rivers, waterfalls, a wine valley, lots of culture, even a tiny Mediterranean coast – it’s an ideal mix of everything.

Frederick’s staycation: splashing, sun and self-closing curtains

This year, my wife and I let our children choose whether we’d go on vacation or build an above-ground swimming pool in the back yard. They chose the latter – and it turned out to be awesome. Every day since May, we’ve been splashing around in our very own swimming pool. And that’s not all: during my staycation, I finally went ahead and started a personal project I’ve been planning for a long time.

Katrien and Johan in Newfoundland: Canada’s hidden treasure

Katrien Vanherck

If you’re travelling to a faraway country, you need to prepare thoroughly. This is especially true if you’re visiting a country like Canada, where it’s not always easy to find a place to spend the night. As an Operations Manager, I’m used to organising and planning stuff, but at home, Johan (Learning Consultant - yes, we met on the job at Xylos) takes the cake.

Karel and his band BOROKOV at Couleur Café: the crowd goes wild

Karel Desmet

It all started about eight years ago, on an average Friday night at the Oosthoek youth club in Dilbeek.  Three friends were playing some music on a calm Balkan Music Night. That small gig was a huge success and after that, we never stopped playing together. Our band has grown considerably, too: we now have nine members. We’re called BOROKOV and we play energetic Balkan and Kletzmer music to liven up any party.

Caro at Rock Werchter: the ideal mini vacation

Caro Willekens

Summer is officially here. Time to make the most of the festival season! To celebrate, three of my friends and I went to the sacred grounds of Rock Werchter. On Thursday, I rushed from work straight to the little village of Werchter to dump my belongings at a friend’s house. After that, I jumped on my bicycle to race to the festival area.