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Meet the Xylossers 22 blogposts

Team Xylos: who are they? What do they do? What motivates them? Read our blog series ‘Meet Team Xylos’ to discover how they spend their days at work and in their spare time. What tasks do they undertake? What challenges do they face? And where can you find them when they’re out of office? Enjoy the read! 

Lieselotte in the polka dot jersey: having fun in Alpe d’Huez

When my boyfriend suggested we go on a cycling trip this year, I was sold right away. A budget-friendly vacation, enjoying unspoilt nature – and, most importantly, the perfect excuse to stuff myself with food. Lots and lots of food. But braving the Alps on a bicycle isn’t a walk in the park.

Rachel in New York: Airplane gifts and helpful strangers

Rachel Young

For some reason, having a child wasn’t enough of an adventure so we decided to add some extra craziness to our lives and take a 1,5 year old to New York City. Oh, and small detail, I was about 7 months pregnant.