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Change management 7 blogposts

Are you looking forward to implementing your new workplace? Change is exciting, but remember that it can also be scary for your colleagues. Introducing new IT tools can be a stressful process - and some may even resist adopting improvements. Luckily, you can eliminate this risk by easing your users into their new work environment with proper change management. Want to know more? Our Change Consultants will put you on the right track with their blog series ‘Yes, we can change’.

Five Commandments for your Microsoft Teams adoption

In this blog post, our Change Consultants will give you advice on how to introduce Teams efficiently with their Five Commandments.

Change Consultant Anne-Sophie develops learning courses to support your end users

Anne-Sophie Blij

"I wanted to work for a company with an excellent corporate culture. They quickly found a match for me: Xylos." 

Yes, we can change: The Digital Coach, your guiding hand for change

During the change project for your Digital Workplace, your colleagues will undoubtedly have some ad hoc questions about Office 365. No worries, Xylos’ Digital Coaches provides a fitting answer. 

Yes, we can change: Keep communicating about change

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula that tells you how to communicate optimally during your change process, but our change consultants do follow a set of basic principles and tools when supporting your project. The following three tips will help you set up your communication plan.

Yes, we can change: Change management, which steps do you take?

Change management requires a solid approach that meets the needs of your business and is beneficial to all stakeholders. In other words: every change process should be tailor-made. That’s why we develop three plans: a communication, learning and sponsorship plan.

Yes, we can change: How to handle resistance against change?

Are you planning to migrate to a new IT tool? It’s exciting, but it could also significantly change your employees’ work routine. As a result, change often leads to stress - and to resistance. 

Yes, we can change: What is change management?

Change can be scary. For businesses, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of digital transformation, but you can only do so if your employees embrace the changes you want to implement. Unfortunately, getting everyone on board can be quite a challenge.