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Digital wellbeing 4 blogposts

Digitisation is good: it makes our lives a lot easier. But there’s a catch: we get distracted more easily and our work-life balance is often disrupted, which causes stress. In this part of our blog, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to handle all this digital activity. You’ll be able to finish small and larger tasks more smoothly, giving you inner peace and less stress.

Are you experiencing online meeting fatigue? Microsoft Teams to the rescue!

Kristof Maes

As we progress further into the new normal way of working, being in online meetings brings a whole new fatigue compared to the dynamics of physical meetings. Microsoft has picked up on this and has a solution to the problem!

The future role of the physical workspace

Kristof Maes

What will people still go to the office for? Will they only drop by for physical collaboration or mandatory face-to-face meetings? Let’s have a look at the different types of physical workspaces and their optimal equipment.

The future of e-learning: 3 questions & answers

Thomas Lauwers

Are you interested in the latest Learning & Development trends? Our NEO colleague Thomas attended the VOV fair, Flanders’ most prominent L&D event. Read on to discover his most important take-aways.

Yes, we can change: Keep communicating about change

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula that tells you how to communicate optimally during your change process, but our change consultants do follow a set of basic principles and tools when supporting your project. The following three tips will help you set up your communication plan.