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We can’t discuss digital transformation without mentioning data centres. After all, the data centre is the beating heart of your organisation. Do you prefer a cloud environment, hybrid cloud environment or an on-premises data infrastructure? This blog page offers practical advice.

How to avoid blind spots in your hybrid journey

Peter Hoffmann

Many organisations switch to the cloud with high expectations, only to realize that the transition turns out to be more complex than they expected. Without a solid strategy, their IT teams forge ahead blindly and soon lose track of the process. They recklessly try to implement a ‘lift-and-shift’ migration without a strategic, well-thought-out plan. As a result, they encounter unexpected obstacles and don’t achieve the desired results. 

Remote monitoring with LogicMonitor: 3 questions and answers

Davy Neirynck

Due to the coronacrisis, it’s now even more difficult to monitor all of your infrastructure components that make homeworking possible. Many of those rely on third-party, cloud based solutions and services that we don’t control. Discover how you can monitor each layer of your infrastructure, whether or not that infrastructure is centrally managed. 

Five questions to consider in a changing IT world

Jim Helsen

Are innovation, speed and security at the top of your priority list as well? How will you achieve and maintain all three in today’s changing IT world? Let’s clear some things up with a five-question FAQ.

Secondary storage is the new black

Roel Van Mol

Of all the data you manage, only a small portion needs to be immediately accessible at all times. How do you easily keep these data primed and ready to use? And how do you make sure your secondary data don’t bog everything down?

How do you protect your cloud applications with Check Point CloudGuard SaaS?

Philip Wagemans

In this evolving corporate world, it’s important to make sure your end users can work in a secure cloud network. We’d like to tell you more about Check Point CloudGuard SaaS, a Software-as-a-Service solution that protects your cloud applications.

How to rediscover FC Storage Paths on Linux?

Roel Van Mol

We all know how important it is to keep your firmware levels in a supported state, especially when it concerns business-critical primary storage. But how do you go about this? In this blog, I’ll explain a useful Linux trick.

The cloud is fast - can your monitoring keep up?

Davy Neirynck

“If you can’t monitor it, you can’t manage it”. Does this saying sound familiar? We’ll show you how to speed up the monitoring process considerably.

HPE Primera: What do you need to know about this brand-new storage solution?

Davy Neirynck

HPE Discover 2019 in Las Vegas may be over, and it’s given us plenty to look forward to. At their annual event, HPE introduced a host of innovations. This blog post is all about HPE’s newest storage solution: HPE Primera.

What is the impact of Wi-Fi 6?

Renier De Witte

What do we need to know about Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, the successor to the current Wi-Fi standard? Does it look promising, what impact will it have, and what do we need to remember? In this FAQ blog post, our Aruba experts will answer four questions on the topic.

Implement a secure Azure environment with Check Point CloudGuard

Philip Wagemans

It’s crucial to secure cloud environments properly, but all too often, the security of these publicly available resources in the architecture remains just an afterthought. How do we remedy this?