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Are you experiencing online meeting fatigue? Microsoft Teams to the rescue!

Kristof Maes

As we progress further into the new normal way of working, being in online meetings brings a whole new fatigue compared to the dynamics of physical meetings. Microsoft has picked up on this and has a solution to the problem!

Xylos and Zoom offer a safe solution for online collaboration and conferencing

Kristof Maes

As an official Zoom partner, we at Xylos want to support you, our customer, as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you’re using Zoom’s solutions in a professional, safe way. To this end, we’ve listed some tips to make your user experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Work from home with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Kristof Maes

Working from home during the corona crisis? But do you have a hard time choosing the right collaboration tool? Zoom or Microsoft Teams: here’s a brief explanation. 

Do you already know Logitech Tap Room solutions?

Kristof Maes

This blog article will provide you an overview of the Logitech Tap Room solutions that integrate natively with Microsoft Skype for Business & Teams and with Zoom Meetings, but also allow you to connect any other meeting application (e.g. Webex, Gotomeeting, …).

Will Microsoft Teams be the future of Skype for Business?

Kristof Maes

The last couple of days there has been a lot of buzz around Microsoft upgrading some Office 365 users with Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams. This upgrade is suspected to be a test, as there has been no official announcement from Microsoft. In light of these speculations, we want to provide a brief overview about the state of both of these products today. Microsoft Teams Microsof…