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SharePoint. The name says it all: it’s a platform where you can share documents with your colleagues. Thanks to SharePoint, everyone can always work with the latest version of a file. To find all information on SharePoint quickly, it’s important that you manage your website efficiently. In this blog, we’ll share the most interesting tips and tricks from our SharePoint experts.

The Intranet is back on the map

Thomas Vochten

The efficiency of an organisation hinges on the way in which employees work together. But how do you encourage people to collaborate? Enter the Intranet.

Get up to speed with the latest tech trends at Techorama

Thomas Vochten
There aren’t many Microsoft-focused technology conferences in Belgium that have such an international appeal and authority as Techorama. Techorama sets the bar on many levels: great content, great speakers, and great experience. Traditionally, the focus of the conference was for developers. But this year they have branched out to IT and SharePoint professionals, which makes it even more interestin…

SharePoint - Define custom server side rendering for catalog items with XSLT

Elio Struyf
XSLT and SharePoint 2013, didn't thought I was going to use it now that we have display templates. Almost everything can be done with display templates and JavaScript these days, but you need to be careful that you don't build everything with JavaScript, because it could slow down the client experience. Another thing about rendering with JavaScript is that the html that it outputs won't be indexed…

SharePoint - How to Retrieve a Lookup Field Value in JS LINK

Elio Struyf
This week I received a question from someone asking me about how you could retrieve the value from a lookup field in a JS Link field rendering file. Solution Retrieving the value from a lookup field is easier than it used to be when working with XSL in SharePoint 2007 / 2010. With the new way of rendering your items / fields, you don't have to remove the prefixes (item id ;#) anymore. What you…

SharePoint - Show the Share Action on your Page Layouts

Elio Struyf
A question I received a while ago was if it would be possible to display the share action on a page like the action in the context menu of that page. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="324"] Share Action[/caption] Solution The solution for this is really simple, all you need to do is creating a hyperlink on the page layout and use a JavaScript function call in the href attribute for the…

SharePoint - Part 7: Working with Ranges in the Search Refiner Control

Elio Struyf
This is an extra post for the search refiner control series. In this post I'll explain how you could build a search refiner control that makes use of ranges. The range operator can be used for the following search data types: DateTime Decimal Integer The out-of-the-box refiner controls use this range operator for its slider controls, but it can easily be used within your cust…

SharePoint - Part 6: Create a Multi-Value Search Refiner Control

Elio Struyf
This post focusses on the creation process for a multi-value search refiner control. This control will be very much the same as the default multi-value refiner, but has a bit more flexibility, and gives you a good starting point for applying your own customizations. Default Multi-Value Refinement Control First let me tell you how the default multi-value search refiner control works. [caption i…

SharePoint - Part 5: The Search Refiner Control Methods Explained

Elio Struyf
In previous posts I showed you how you to build your own Search Control Refiners. This post will focus on the JavaScript methods that can be used for refinement. There are a couple of them, but when do you need to use which refiner method? I'll split this post up in sections to describe the actions that can be achieved. JSON URL In SharePoint 2013 you can accomplish almost everything with just s…

SharePoint - Part 4: Create a Dropdown Search Refiner Control

Elio Struyf
In this blog post part of the search refiner control series, I'll show how to create a dropdown search refiner control. To make it a bit special, I've added the functionality of showing the filters that were available before the results were refined. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="415"] Mockup[/caption] Note: for this post I start with the file I created in part 2 of this series. Do…

SharePoint - Things you need to know about anonymous permissions with the cross-site publishing functionality

Elio Struyf
Working with cross-site publishing in SharePoint can be fun, but it can also give you some headaches. One of the things were it can go wrong is the permissions, it all seems very simple just some clicking in the UI and you're all set. That is correct, but what happens if it goes wrong? This week I had a couple issues with anonymous access on my public site. No navigation was available for anonymou…