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SharePoint. The name says it all: it’s a platform where you can share documents with your colleagues. Thanks to SharePoint, everyone can always work with the latest version of a file. To find all information on SharePoint quickly, it’s important that you manage your website efficiently. In this blog, we’ll share the most interesting tips and tricks from our SharePoint experts.

SharePoint - Part 3: Working with File Types in the Search Refiner Control Template

Elio Struyf
In the previous posts I explained how to create a new refiner control, but there is one search data type that needs some special attention. The search data type that will be explained in this post is the FileType. In this post I'll show you the things that are so special about working with filetypes. Note: for this post I'll use the display template that was created in the previous post: Custom …

SharePoint - Client side managed property value formatting for catalog item page layouts

Elio Struyf
In the last two blog posts, I covered how you could check which managed properties are available for the catalog item and I also explained a problem with DateTime values. In this post I'll cover the topic on how you could format the values on the client side. The reason I created this post, is because there isn't much information available around this topic. The last couple of weeks I experiment…

SharePoint - Catalog Item Reuse Web Part doesn’t show DateTime Value

Elio Struyf
Last week I was doing some experiments with the creation process of page layouts of a cross-site publishing site. After a couple tests with different types of data, I saw some weird behaviour when using DateTime values. The Catalog Item Reuse web part didn't visualise the value from my item when it had a DateTime Type. The auto-created managed property for that DateTime field worked correctly, b…

SharePoint - Part 2: Adding Refinement Actions to the Custom Refiner Control

Elio Struyf
In the previous post I explained how to create your first refiner control template. The template that was created wasn't that useful, because it missed the refinement actions. In this post I explain how to add these refinement actions to your template and what to do once results are refined. Note: For this post I'm going to use that display template as the starting point for this post. Here you …

SharePoint - Part 1: Create Your First Search Refiner Control Template

Elio Struyf
In the first part of this blog post series about custom search refiner controls, I'll describe what is minimal needed to create a clean refiner control display template. This template can later be used as a starter's template for the creation of other refinement controls. Create a New Search Refiner Control Template The first thing you'll need to do, is creating a new HTML file in the Master Pag…

Publish a Visio Drawing in SharePoint

Tom Van 't Veld
Visio is not a program that is usually installed on all computers within a company. However, sometimes there is a need to share a Visio drawing with a number of people, even if they don't have Visio. One option is to save it as a PDF, but more interesting is to put it on SharePoint as a Web Drawing. First, save your Visio drawing as a Visio Web Drawing (*.vdw). You could immediately save it in a…

How to use the Search Results Web Part as replacement when Content Search Web Part is not available in your farm

Elio Struyf
The purpose of this post is to show you how you could use the Search Results Web Part (SRWP) to visualize dynamic data like the Content Search Web Part (CSWP). To help you in this process, I created some cleaned-up display templates so that it becomes a bit easier to create your own HTML markup in them. Note: this solution also works on Office 365. That means you don't have to wait until the Con…

How to define a Custom Group Template (GroupTemplateId) for the Search Results Web Part via JavaScript

Elio Struyf
In this blog post I'll explain how to use a custom Group Display Template for the Search Results Web Part. Unfortunately, you can only set the Control Display Template and the Item Display Template in the Search Results Web Part properties. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="177"] Display Template Settings Search Results WebPart[/caption] If you want to specify the Group Display Templat…

Provision Image Renditions to your SharePoint 2013 Site

Elio Struyf
In SharePoint 2013 you have the functionality to create renditions for your images. This allows you to use the same image but with different dimensions in your design. Most of the information you find about this topic is most about using it for different devices, so that you can use a smaller version for a mobile device, and the default one for a desktop. The reason I started using Image Renditi…

Provision Your HTML Designs (Master Pages / Page Layouts) to SharePoint 2013

Elio Struyf
A couple of months ago I wrote some posts about provisioning design files in SharePoint 2013 (display templates, none html design files). One thing I did not describe is how you can provision your HTML master page and page layout design files. Most of the research (read time) was already done when I was trying to find out the best way to provision display templates. It seemed that the best solut…