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SharePoint. The name says it all: it’s a platform where you can share documents with your colleagues. Thanks to SharePoint, everyone can always work with the latest version of a file. To find all information on SharePoint quickly, it’s important that you manage your website efficiently. In this blog, we’ll share the most interesting tips and tricks from our SharePoint experts.

SharePoint: Subsite Theme/Composed Looks Inheritance

Elio Struyf
With the new theme engine from SharePoint 2013 I had a few questions about how sub-sites could inherit the theme/composed looks from the parent. Let me first start with the differences between the 2010 and 2013 theme engine. Differences between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Theme Engine In 2010 when you uploaded a PowerPoint Theme file to the theme gallery (Site Settings > Themes), it was also avai…

Create a "% Complete" Progress Bar with JS Link in SharePoint 2013

Elio Struyf

Create a "% Complete" Progress Bar with JS Link in SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 has a lot new features and functionalities that it can do out-of-the-box. One of these new functionalities is the JS Link web part property. With this property you are able to control the rendering of the web part. This will mostly

SharePoint: Making an Image Gallery from the Asset Library - Part 2

Elio Struyf
In the previous part I showed you how to manipulate the Asset Library Thumbnail view, so that it could be used as image gallery. In this part I will do a small update of the code, so that the first image will be used for the gallery.

SharePoint: Making an Image Gallery Inside the Asset Library - Part 1

Elio Struyf
Recently I was at a client who wanted to have something more useable for storing and showing their event pictures. The only thing that is possible out-of-the-box in SharePoint 2010 is working with a slideshow web part and the old picture library. That gave me the idea to implement a jQuery image gallery into the Asset Library.

SharePoint Governance Definition: Let’s talk the same language!

In my first article, I introduced SharePoint Governance and provided some of the difficulties encountered while talking or writing about it. These difficulties are of course also applicable when working on such a project…Let’s focus on : “Defining SharePoint Governance”… Here is my definition...

SharePoint: Do Not Remove the Horizontal Ruler in a Discussion Board Reply

Elio Struyf
Watch out when you remove the Horizontal Ruler from the Discussion Board reply. This could save you some time and trouble. Read here what exactly goes wrong.

SharePoint 2010 Governance: Steering the giant boat…

Let start talking about SharePoint Governance... Almost everybody is agreeing on the following statement… Talking about SharePoint Governance is pretty difficult ! Why is it so ? You will also understand why I called this first article “SharePoint 2010 Governance : Steering the giant boat”…

Quick Tip: Adding an Active Directory Group Through the Permissions Web Service

Elio Struyf
Adding permissions for AD groups through the SharePoint web services.

Creating a Twitter Data View Web Part: SharePoint Saturday Belgium Part 3

Elio Struyf
This post will be about the XSLT Twitter demo I gave on SharePoint Saturday Belgium.

Using XSLT Statements: SharePoint Saturday Belgium Part 2

Elio Struyf
This post explains the second demo that I showed at my SharePoint Saturday Belgium presentation, which was about using XSLT statements.