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SharePoint. The name says it all: it’s a platform where you can share documents with your colleagues. Thanks to SharePoint, everyone can always work with the latest version of a file. To find all information on SharePoint quickly, it’s important that you manage your website efficiently. In this blog, we’ll share the most interesting tips and tricks from our SharePoint experts.

Selecting Data With XSLT: SharePoint Saturday Belgium Part 1

Elio Struyf
On the SharePoint Saturday Belgium I gave an introduction presentation about XSLT(http://www.slideshare.net/estruyf/introduction-to-xslt-spsbe07). In the following blog post series, consisting of three parts, I will step by step explain my given demos.

Take your SharePoint social features to the next level with "I like it" and "Tags" counters: Part 4

Elio Struyf
In this part I will explain you how to make the social features work on a SharePoint Blog site.

Take your SharePoint social features to the next level with "I like it" and "Tags" counters: Part 3

Elio Struyf
In the previous parts I showed you how to retrieve all tags for a specific page/item. In this part, I will show you how you can integrate these tags into your design.

Take your SharePoint social features to the next level with "I like it" and "Tags" counters: Part 2

Elio Struyf
In the previous part I talked about retrieving the number of tags by code. The problem was that the GetTags method from the SocialTagManager class, could only retrieve tags from a specific user. In this part I show you a way to retrieve the all the tags for a specific location/page.

Take your SharePoint social features to the next level with "I like it" and "Tags" counters: Part 1

Elio Struyf
Social media is a trending topic these days, more and more companies start to use it. As you may know, SharePoint 2010 also got social features like for example: tagging, I like it, social comments, etc. In this post I show you how you can retrieve these tags and "likes" from your page.

SharePoint: Discussion Board Style For The Content Query Web Part

Elio Struyf
When creating a content roll-up for all your discussion board items with a content query web part, you will see that replies will be retrieved as blank messages. This post explains you how to create an alternative content query web part style for your discussion board items.

Data View Web Part: Create a Google Pie Chart with XSLT

Elio Struyf
In this post I will explain how you could create a Google Pie Chart with the use of XSLT. The data that I am going to visualize are the tasks status, so that you get an overview of all the tasks.

SharePoint: Adding Properties to Timer Jobs

Elio Struyf
Adding properties to timer jobs could be handy if you want to set the reference to a particular site collection, or if you want to set some parameters that are needed to run the job.

SharePoint: Reuse Page Ribbon Actions (PageStateCommands) Outside the Ribbon

Elio Struyf
This week I searched for a solution to reuse the page action buttons from the ribbon (Edit Page, Check In, Publish) in a page layout. It was a request of a client that wanted to make the page actions available on the page itself, so that it simplifies the creation/editing/publication process for the users.

Quickly Manipulate Multiple HTML Tags/Blocks With SharePoint Designer 2010

Elio Struyf
When working with master pages and page layouts in SharePoint Designer, you sometimes need to manipulate multiple HTML tags/blocks at once.