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A webinar is an online seminar – it’s a cheap and relatively easy way to organise trainings and presentations. The concept sounds perfect, but because there’s no direct interaction, it’s not always easy to keep your audience engaged. Our tips and tricks teach you how to build up a webinar as efficiently as possible and how to use the available options to keep your audience involved during your session.

Xylos and Zoom offer a safe solution for online collaboration and conferencing

Kristof Maes

As an official Zoom partner, we at Xylos want to support you, our customer, as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you’re using Zoom’s solutions in a professional, safe way. To this end, we’ve listed some tips to make your user experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Work from home with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Kristof Maes

Working from home during the corona crisis? But do you have a hard time choosing the right collaboration tool? Zoom or Microsoft Teams: here’s a brief explanation.