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Windows 3 blogposts

The average PC user spends more than half of their work day in front of their computer screen. If you know how to use the Windows 10 OS, working with your PC becomes much more fun and efficient. Are you not quite familiar with Windows? Not a problem! With the Windows 10 tips and tricks in this blog, anyone can boost their efficiency.

CVE-2020-0601: Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI

Piet Carpentier

The NSA has found a critical flaw in Microsoft’s CryptoAPI (crypt32.dll), which leaves the system vulnerable to spoofing. How can possible attackers exploit this issue? Is your company at risk? What steps do you need to take? We’ll cover what you need to know in this blog post.

A quick look at Windows Azure IaaS

Geert Baeke
Microsoft recently added IaaS capability to Azure. This post takes a look at the basics.

Install Windows on and boot from a VHD

A short guide on how to install your Windows OS on a VHD and boot from it.