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The top six GDPR challenges for businesses

Do the letters ‘GDPR’ make you feel nervous? You’re not the only one. Still, there’s no way to get around it: starting on 25 May, the GDPR legislation will be enforced. This means that all businesses who process personal data from EU citizens have to be able to prove that they comply with the rules to protect their data as thoroughly as possible. If you can’t, you risk a substantial fine.

In other words: it’s time to mark 25 May in your company’s calendar. Of course, the world won’t stop turning, but you should be thoroughly prepared nonetheless – and if you don’t start before the end of May, you’ll be late to the party. We’ve noticed that many companies still have questions about GDPR compliance: what’s the best way to handle this? Is this the responsibility of our security team or are all my employees involved? To tackle some of these questions, we’ve listed the top six GDPR challenges for security and IT managers.

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