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Project Coordinator Caro loves achieving tangible marketing results with her content

“Xylos offered me a chance, and I was eager to take it”

“I studied Languages and Communication, but starter jobs in the field of communication are rare. If a job opening does pop up somewhere, it immediately gets swarmed by applicants. As a result, I had trouble finding work. But Xylos offered me a chance, and I took it. Last year in April, I joined them as their new Project Coordinator Open Training. In practice, I mostly take care of the marketing for Xylos Learning‘s trainings.

Flexible attitude

“As a project coordinator, you need to possess certain qualities. Ideally, you should be flexible, structured, and a decent writer. I write a lot of texts and I want everything to be pleasant to read. In the marketing world, you need to be able to adapt your daily schedule, which requires a flexible mindset. If you want to manage everything, it’s important to plan your tasks efficiently, so that you can finish them smoothly. What does my daily task list look like? I maintain our blog, manage Xylos Learning’s social media channels, keep the website up to date, and I write e-mailings, news items and course content.”

“I have a fixed schedule, but challenges always lurk around the corner. The biggest one? Knowing where to start. Other marketeers will probably agree if I say that a marketeer always has something to do. And everything has to happen ASAP. This combination causes chaos in my head sometimes, which makes efficient planning even more crucial.”

“It makes my day when I see the amount of registrations for a training rise after an e-mailing. Seeing that my work achieves results motivates me.”

Tangible results

“What stimulates me? Tangible results. It makes my day when I see the amount of registrations for a training rise after an e-mailing, for example, or when a prospect shows interest in a product because of a simple social media post. Seeing that my work achieves results motivates me. I also think the atmosphere within Xylos is awesome; everyone gets along with each other and not a day goes by without laughter. After lunch, we usually play table football to recharge our batteries for the afternoon.”

Party at Great Place to Work

“A party can also do wonders to motivate people. At Xylos, work is followed by play. When I had been with the company for just two months, the company organised a party in Strantwerpen because we had just been named Best Workplace. Good food, nice drinks and a fun party: that’s all we need!”

Caro’s job interview tip

“Be prepared, be confident and stay calm. There’s no need for stress. If you’re feeling at ease during the conversation, you’ll most probably feel at home with Xylos.”

Do you want to be a member of Team Xylos? 

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