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From Ecuador to Dakar: IT Consultant Lennert provides IT support at sea

“At Xylos, you’re never on your own.”

“Right after finishing my degree five years ago, I chose to join Team Xylos. Out of the jobs I’d applied for, this company stood out as the best by far – partly because of the fun atmosphere and talkative colleagues, but also because Xylos proposed the most interesting learning path. This marked the start of my exciting adventure at Xylos. From day one, they offered me personal support, which made me feel at home immediately.”

At sea with Jan De Nul

“I’m currently working on a project for our customer Jan De Nul. My team and I support all offices, locations and ships owned by Jan De Nul worldwide.
This means every day is different at work. Sometimes, we even need to get up and pack our bags at once to solve a critical problem somewhere in Belgium or abroad.”

“Apart from my work in the main office, I often get called in to solve issues on location, overhaul an entire IT infrastructure or perform updates on ships and in offices. These may be located nearby, but they can also be at the other end of the world. Ecuador, Singapore, Dakar and Batam are just some of my recent destinations.”

“You’re sailing off to a ship with a backpack full of IT equipment.


“My days can be very intense, but the adventure is one of the aspects I love the most about this job. I’m in the field with the customer; I get into a dinghy and set off to the ship where I’m needed with a backpack full of IT equipment. Once there, the dinghy waits for me, so that I can reach it with a satellite phone if I need to go to another ship or want to go back to shore.”

“Through the learning path Xylos offered me, I took several courses and exams in a short time, which allowed me to grow into my role quickly. They’ve also got several competence centres you can turn to if you need advice about certain types of technology. In other words, you’re never on your own. As a nice extra, you’re backed by an awesome HR team that organises fun events and answers all your questions.”

Lennert’s job interview tip 

“If you’ve got the right mindset, passion and ambition, Xylos will definitely find a spot for you. Above all, be prepared. If you’re looking for a workplace with a great atmosphere, look no further.”

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